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Do you want to have impact on the European space activities agenda? Then read about our internship opportunities below.

Internship II: ‘Develop a method to assess the scientific output of European Space data and increase the exploitation of these data’


The Strategy& Space Team is offering an internship within a project to help European policy-makers determine how to increase scientific exploitation of European space data.

Europe generates enormous volumes of scientific data from its various space missions, and the internship would involve development of a method to assess the related scientific output from that data across 5 sub-domains: 1) Earth Observation, 2) Astrophysics and Fundamental Physics, 3) Planetary Sciences, 4) Heliophysics (+Space Weather), and 5) Space Exploration (involving humans).


We are looking for someone with a strong interest in the space sector and a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, space physics, astronomy or any field with a similar space orientation. You will join our Space Team 3 months to develop this assessment methodology. The activity would involve research into common methods of assessing scientific productivity, outreach to the European space science community to understand how they would assess productivity and the hurdles they perceive in exploiting this data, and then collecting the necessary input data as well as performing the analysis to determine productivity levels in Europe and which source data is most often utilised. Working with top-level decision makers across the space sector, Strategy&’s “Space Team” delivers a unique capability to tackle their toughest, most complex problems. From establishing best practice methods for running large-scale programmes and contracts with ESA to providing foundational assessments used for space sector policy making by the European Commission to performing critical business and market assessments for both industry and institutions, the Space Team is about making a difference and helping Europe succeed in its space endeavours. The breadth and depth of capability in this team combined with the experience and insight that our Strategy& and PwC colleagues provide into all of the space-enabled markets, creates a differentiated offering that is unmatched anywhere and which allows us to continue to be difference makers for our clients.

If you enjoy the big picture view of the space sector and you’re interested in knowing what space sector consulting is like, here’s your chance.

For applications and questions please contact our Recruitment Manager Floortje Dietz (

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