The VSV bookstore

In order to study your courses the lecturers require or recommend you to have certain literature. The Society of Aerospace Engineering Students – VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ – is in close contact with the lecturers about what literature you need, and offers these books at the lowest prices. If you are unsure about which books are required, please consult the academic course guide on .

We do not make any profit off the booksale, but want to provide you with the best study material possible at the most cheap and accessible way possible. The VSV bookstore is located on the first floor of the highrise of the faculty building next to the VSV board room. The bookstore is open daily at the following times:
10.30 - 10.45
12.30 - 13.45
15.30 - 15.45

Sometimes the bookstore will be closed at one of these timeslots due to unavailability of the board. For detailed bookstore opening hours per week, always check the bottom of the homepage.

The bookstore accepts debit cards and Mastercard credit cards, no cash.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact the VSV by sending an email or walking by our board room.


Before you can use the services of our book store, you will need to become a member of the VSV. As a member of the VSV, not only are you able to buy the books at a discount, but the membership offers multiple advantages. During the entire year the VSV organizes guest lectures, excursions, study trips and a lot of social activities. The types of membership are stated below, the membership fee is one time only and applies to the full duration of your study at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.


Membership fee

Bachelor student


Master student


Exchange/Minor student


Registering as member of the VSV can be done here: Make sure you use the right Student number (the seven digit number starting with a 4), or your registration will not follow through.

You will be asked to fill in bank account details. If you do this, we will send you a direct debit (Dutch: incasso) to subtract the amount from your account later this fall. However, when buying the freshmen book package, we will include the membership fee in the package price so it is immediately paid and we will not have to ask to subtract the amount from your bank account, it is easier for our administration. Finally it is also an option to pay for your membership physically at the bookstore. We will always make sure you will not pay your membership twice.


First year students

[14/2/19] Now on sale!

The freshmen books that are currently for sale are:




Original price

VSV price


Physics for Scientist & Engineers with Modern Physics (1st custom edition)

Douglas C. Giancoli

€ 29,42

€ 24,57

Waves & Electromagnetism

Physics for Scientist & Engineers with Modern Physics (2nd custom edition)

Douglas C. Giancoli

€ 49,83  

€ 41,86




€ 79,25

€ 66,43

Discount after becoming a VSV member




€  12,83


Second & third year students

During the third quarter, all books are available either online or as readers provided by the TU Delft. Please contact for your lecturer for further questions.


Minor students

Minor students can buy books via our webshop: Check the study guide for literature, we intend to offer at least all mandatory books in the webshop. 

Please note: do not use the search function on the website. There is a bug in the website that you do not get the discount for being a VSV member if you use the search function. Use the regular options of choosing a year and a quarter to navigate to your book. Apologies for this!

The books will be delivered directly from the book supplier to your home address in 3-4 days.  Delivery cost is €1,95 regardless of how many books you order or what price you pay for them. Our book supplier is allowed to change the prices of the online books, so be aware: the prices are subject to change.