All VSV members can buy their books at the VSV; in this way students will always be able to buy the right books for the lowest price. In order to buy books at the VSV Book shop, you first have to become a member of the society (just €17,- for the entire study duration or €3,40 per year). You can buy your membership either online or at our book shop, registering has to be done via our website. At the VSV bookshop you can pay with a dutch bank card or Maestro V-Pay. For bachelor students it is not possible to order books,  you can just come to the VSV book shop.

Our book shop is located on the first floor next to the board room. The bookstore is open daily at the following times:
10.30 - 10.45
12.30 - 13.45
15.30 - 15.45

Sometimes the bookstore will be closed at one of these timeslots. For detailed bookstore opening hours, always check the bottom of the homepage.

Freshman Book Package

Dear upcoming first year aerospace student,

You probably can not wait to start your new studies! In order to follow your lectures well and pass your courses, you need some literature prescribed by the lecturers. The Aerospace Engineering study society – VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ -  offers these books at the lowest prices. Please read this explanation carefully.


Before you can buy books at our book store, you will need to become a member of the VSV. As a member of the VSV, you are not only able to buy books at a discount, but the membership offers multiple advantages. You are for example invited to join us at our multiple guest lectures, several excursions to aerospace related companies, study trips and get the chance to express your opinion on the educational programme directly to the faculty. The possible memberships are stated below:



Full duration of your study


One year (e.g. exchange student)


Two years (e.g. master student)


If you intend to complete at least your BSc here, you should choose the first option. Subscription can be done via our site.

Please note that when you are filling in the form, you are requested to authorize the VSV to withdraw the subscription fee from your bank account. However, the membership fee is also included in the price of the freshman book package. We will assure that your payment will be processed before the preauthorised debit will be performed and that you will not pay your membership fee twice.    

Book package

We have created a freshmen book package which contains all the books required for the first semester as well as the Engineering Drawing package and the full VSV membership. You can buy this package online. After purchasing your book package online, you will receive an e-ticket. Please bring this e-ticket (either digital or printed) to the reception day on 4th of September. During the day you will pass by our book shop with your mentor group. By showing your e-ticket you will receive your book package. Please note that it is strongly advised to purchase an e-ticket, as this will allow you to easily and quickly get your books.   

During the reception day it is not possible to buy separate books. This is possible from Wednesday 6th of September onwards.

The freshman book package consists of the following mandatory books:



Original price

 VSV Price

Calculus: Early Transcendentals

J. Stewart

€ 77,23

 € 64,49

Elements of Airplane Performance

G.J.J. Ruighrok

€ 32,00

 € 28,80

Introduction to Flight

J.D. Anderson

€ 72,07


Valuepack Engineering Mechanics

R.C. Hibbeler


 € 192,58

Materials. Engineering, Science, Procesing and Design

M. Ashby, H. Shercliff and D. Cebon


 € 43,33

Drawing package


Only available at the VSV

 € 37,66

VSV membership



 € 17,00



 € 518,49

 € 444,04

Total discount



 € 74,45















The books are also for sale separately. If you have any further questions about the freshman book sale, don't hesitate to contact us!


Second year books



Original price

 VSV Price

Presentation Techniques

M. van der Laaken, B. van der Laaken

€ 16,00

 € 14,40

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

J.D. Anderson

€ 75,54

 € 62,83

Elementary Differential Equations

W.E. Boyce, R.C. DiPrima

€ 64,89

 € 52,10

A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics

F.M. Dekking


 € 30,94


Third year books


Books for the minors 'Spaceflight' and 'Airport of the Future' are not sold physically at the VSV bookstore, but can be bought via webshop and delivered from the supplier to your home in 3-4 weekdays. Delivery cost is €1,95 regardless of how many books you order. Our book supplier is allowed to change the prices of the online books, so be aware: the prices are subject to change.