Booksales Q1 2020-2021

Dear students,

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we cannot do the booksale physically through our bookshop. However, we ensured that you are still able to buy your books through the webshop of our supplier! You will still receive the discount, if you are a member of our society. Furthermore, the books will be delivered to your home address, so there is no need to go outside. Lastly, you will also be able to buy second-hand books, if the supplier has them in stock. You can also sell your used books to the supplier through the same webshop. If you click the button "Sell Books", you can add your ISBN numbers, and the site will check which books they would like to buy and for which price. 

Please note: Our book supplier is allowed to change the prices of the online books, so be aware: the prices are subject to change.

Please note 2: There is no automatic connection between our booksupplier and our administration. Therefore, if you say you would like to become a member at the book store, you still need to register at our site. Afterwards, we will manually confirm that you have paid your membershipfee at the bookstore, so we will not invoice you twice. We're sorry for this inconvenience. 

If you have any questions, you can always send an email to us. 

Stay safe! 

Winged regards, 

The 76th Board of the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'


Freshmen students 2020-2021

[Updated on 21/07/20]

If you are a VSV member, you will receive a special discount! Below, the freshmen books are listed for quarter 1 and 2. You can buy the books at the VSV webshop.

NB: For the Hibbler package, you are required to have an online code in order to acces the Pearson platform on their website. If you wish to buy your books outside of the VSV, please make sure that such an online code is included!




Original price

VSV price

AE1110-I Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I Introduction to Flight John D. Anderson € 69.99 € 58.79
AE1130-I Statics Hibbeler Package Hibbeler, Russel € 249.34 € 209.45

AE1108-I Aerospace Materials (Q2)

Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design

Michael Ashby

€ 78.17

€ 65,66

WI1421LR Calculus 1 A&B (Q1&Q2)

Calculus: Early Transcendentals


€ 83.75

€ 70.35





€ 481.25

€ 404.25

Discount after becoming a VSV member       € 77.00


Second year students

[Updated on 21/07/20]

Below the second year books for the first quarter are listed.  The books can be purchased at the VSV webshop.




Original price

VSV price

AE2111-I Systems Design

Presentation Techniques

Bob van der Laaken

€ 16.50

€ 14.85

AE2130-I Aerodynamics I

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

John D. Anderson

€ 72.21

€ 60.66

WI2180LR-I Differential Equations

Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems

William E. Boyce

€ 68.53

€ 57.57

WI2180LR-II Probability and Statistics

A modern introduction to probability and statistics


€ 34.88

€ 29.30




€ 192.15

€ 162.38

Discount after becoming a VSV member




€ 29.74


Minor students

Minor students can buy books via our webshop: Check the study guide for literature, we intend to offer at least all mandatory books in the webshop. 

Please note: do not use the search function on the website. There is a bug in the website that you do not get the discount for being a VSV member if you use the search function. Use the regular options of choosing a year and a quarter to navigate to your book. Apologies for this!

The books will be delivered directly from the book supplier to your home address in 3-4 days.  Delivery cost is €1,95 regardless of how many books you order or what price you pay for them. Our book supplier is allowed to change the prices of the online books, so be aware: the prices are subject to change.