All VSV members can buy their books at the VSV; in this way students will always be able to buy the right books for the lowest price. In order to buy books at the VSV Book shop, you first have to become a member of the society (just €17,- for the entire study duration or €3,40 per year). You can buy your membership either online or at our book shop, registering has to be done via our website. At the VSV bookshop you can pay with a dutch bank card or Maestro V-Pay. For bachelor students it is not possible to order books beforehand,  you can just come to the VSV book shop.

Our book shop is located on the first floor next to the board room. The bookstore is open daily at the following times:
10.30 - 10.45
12.30 - 13.45
15.30 - 15.45

Sometimes the bookstore will be closed at one of these timeslots. For detailed bookstore opening hours, always check the bottom of the homepage.


First year books



Original price

 VSV Price

Calculus: Early Transcendentals

J. Stewart

€ 77,23

 € 64,49

Elements of Airplane Performance

G.J.J. Ruighrok

€ 32,00

 € 28,80

Introduction to Flight

J.D. Anderson

€ 72,07


Valuepack Engineering Mechanics

R.C. Hibbeler


 € 192,58

Materials. Engineering, Science, Procesing and Design

M. Ashby, H. Shercliff and D. Cebon


 € 43,33










Second year books



Original price

 VSV Price

Engineering Vibrations, special TU Delft edition

D.J. Inman

€ 37,43

 € 31,25

Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students

T.H.G. Megson

€ 64,99

 € 54,27

Presentation Techniques

M. van der Laaken, B. van der Laaken

€ 16,00

 € 14,40

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

J.D. Anderson

€ 75,54

 € 62,83









Third year books

Books for the minors 'Spaceflight' and 'Airport of the Future' are not sold physically at the VSV bookstore, but can be bought via webshop and delivered from the supplier to your home in 3-4 weekdays. Delivery cost is €1,95 regardless of how many books you order. Our book supplier is allowed to change the prices of the online books, so be aware: the prices are subject to change.

We did happen to accidentally receive some copies of 'Airport Systems: Planning, Design and Management' by R. de Neufville and A.R. Odino, so a few of those are available at our bookstore.