All VSV members can buy their books at the VSV; in this way students will always be able to buy the right books for the lowest price. In order to buy books at the VSV Book shop, you first have to become a member of the society (just €17,- for the entire study duration or €3,40 per year). You can buy your membership either online or at our book shop, registering has to be done via our website. At the VSV bookshop you can pay with a dutch debit card or Maestro V-Pay, not with cash. For bachelor students it is not possible to order books beforehand,  you can just come to the VSV book shop.

Our book shop is located on the first floor next to the board room. The bookstore is open daily at the following times:
10.30 - 10.45
12.30 - 13.45
15.30 - 15.45

Sometimes the bookstore will be closed at one of these timeslots. For detailed bookstore opening hours, always check the bottom of the homepage.


Q4 - First year books




Original price

VSV Price

Design & Construction

Report Writing for readers with little time

Elling R. (e.a.)

€ 48,95

€ 44,06

Waves and Electromagnetism

Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physcis

Douglas C. Giancoli

€ 63,45

€ 52,98

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra and its Applications

David C. Lay

€ 68,85

€ 57,49

Linear Algebra

MyMathLab access code

Pearson Education


€ 13,95



Q4 - Second year books




Original price

VSV Price

Aerospace Systems & Control Theory

Control Systems Engineering

Norman S. Nise

€ 54,61

€ 45,60

Instrumentations & Signals

Signals and Systems - Continious and Discrete

Rodger E. Ziemer

€ 52,95

€ 44,21