Recently, the VSV has started a Quality Control Group (QCG) for the master courses, called the M1. The VSV strives for having students from every profile of every track in this committee. Then, with all the students from one track, the Commissioner of Education evaluates all the core courses of the profiles and writes down all the remarks on the basis of a defined format. All this feedback is written down in a structured way and then send to the respective lecturer. The lecturers are usually very positive about this and appreciate the feedback that is being given.

Listed below, you can find the names of the current committee members:

Aerodynamics and Wind Energy Group Spaceflight Group Flight Performance and Propulsion Group
Profile 1: Aerodynamics Profile 1: Space Engineering Jasper van Gorcum
Bob Roos Didier Maxence Jorrit Vervoorsdeldonk
Alexander Spoelstra Bo Beckers Jesper van Manen
Annemiek Koers Profile 2: Space Exploration Karthik Subramani
Rajat BH Etteke Roebroeks Bas Verhagen 
Profile 2: Wind Energy Enne Hekma Luuk van der Schaft
Delphine de Tavernier Martijn Smeets  Martijn van Moorselaar 
Bas van de Kieboom    
Control and Operations Group Aerospace Structures and Materials Group  
Profile 1: Control and Simulation Profile 1: Materials  
Gerben Schonebaum    
Coen Ravesteijn    
Yvonne Ferrier    
Alexander van Geel Profile 2: Structures  
Joost van Ingen    
Derek Beeftink    
Profile 2: Aircraft Noise and Climate Effects Profile 3: Manufacturing  
Profile 3: Air Transport Operations Profile 4: Durability  
Shahrzad Hosseini    
Koen Barten    
Busso Gellert    
Justin The