Recently, the VSV has started a Quality Control Group (QCG) for the master courses, called the M1. For every individual track, the core and profile courses are evaluated with seperate groups of students. This feedback is discussed with the track and profile coordinator, as well as the instructors.

This year, the following people are responsible for evaluating the respective profiles or tracks. If you have any feedback about the education given in the master programme, these are the people to talk to.

Track/Profile Responsible Student
Space Engineering David Rijslaarsdam
Space Exploration Joana Wiese
Control & Simulation + ACNE Rik Palings
Air Transport & Operations Koen den Hertog
Aerodynamics & Wind Energy Andrea Levoni
Flight Performance & Propulsion Aert Stutvoet
Aerospace Structures & Materials Master Society "ASM Enlightness"