The Quality Control Groups (QCG's) of the VSV are three seperate committees, called the B1, B2 & B3 committee which evaluate the courses of the first, second and third year of the BSc curriculum, respectively. After every exam period, all three committees will have a meeting with the VSV Commissioner of Educational Affairs and the Quality Control Manager (Sander Barendrecht) of the faculty, during which they discuss all the finished courses of the previous period. This is done using a defined format which gives a clear overview of the remarks that the students have. Shortly after this, a meeting is organised with the corresponding lecturers and the committee members and the Commissioner of Education and the Quality Control Manager to discuss the findings of the students. The lecturers are usually very positive about this and appreciate the feedback that is being given. If you have any feedback about the education given at our faculty, these are the people to talk to!

Listed below, you can find the names of the current committee members:

B1 B2 B3
Marco Xausa Giulia Gatti Major
Nadine Duursma Jorn van Beek Mateusz Glowacki
Julia Rademaker Luigi Maiorano Quincy Booster
Mik Swart Esmée Terwindt Koen den Hertog
Alex van Roon Niek Hogenboom Stefan Knoops
Mees Beumer Walter van der Klugt Pippa Vossen
Remi Storme Erik van Baasbank Charlotte Ivanyi
Felix Lagarden Pepijn Elferink Ruben Forkink
Aman Shilanov Andrew Spekreijse Dale-Allen Arrundel
Diego Lukens Lukas Bajarunas Boris Odinot
Matteo Manieri Caroline van Winkel  
Sander Orbons Lauren Kaffa Minor 'Airport of the Future' 
Rubén Quiroz Marnef Pieter de Kok Patrick Brill
  Luc den Ridder Richelle Vrouwes
    Minor 'Spaceflight 
    Thomas Arblaster
    Manouschka van Beek