The Quality Control Groups (QCG's) of the VSV are three seperate committees, called the B1, B2 & B3 committee which evaluate the courses of the first, second and third year of the BSc curriculum, respectively. After every exam period, all three committees will have a meeting with the VSV Commissioner of Bachelor Affairs and the Quality Control Manager (Sander Barendrecht) of the faculty, during which they discuss all the finished courses of the previous period. This is done using a defined format which gives a clear overview of the remarks that the students have. Shortly after this, a meeting is organised with the corresponding lecturers and the committee members and the Commissioner of Bachelor Affairs and the Quality Control Manager to discuss the findings of the students. The lecturers are usually very positive about this and appreciate the feedback that is being given. If you have any feedback about the education given at our faculty, these are the people to talk to!

Listed below, you can find the names of the current committee members:

B1 B2 B3
Andreas Verbruggen Dilge Gül Major
Elena Moro Sara Sequira Raposeiro Thomas Keesom
Joris Lans Freek Kunz Vincent Hoogeboom
Matthijs Slobbe Antonio Bulder Stephan Schmidt
Hamza Toor Doroteya Deyanova Doneva Daan van der Werff
Wouter Offringa Leonhard Driever Roosa Joensuu
Sie Leoi Tee Andrada Gheorghe Mees Beumer
Tim Hogenelst Aster Tournay Quinten van Woerkom
Seimen Veldt Chloé Carer Lizzy Middendorp
Timo Burggraaf Mateo Rodriguez Shadab Eftekar
Tiia Tikkala Nonan McIntyre Martijn Kanger
  Varvara Isidorova Yara Hinssen
  Wikash Chitoe Julia Rademaker
  Katarina Grubbe Hildebrandt Nadine Duursma
  Rehan Siddiqvi  
  Yvar Vliex Minor 'Airport of the Future'
    Daphne Vlak
    Márton Géczi
    Elke van der Krogt
    Anna Vinke
    Henk Rusting