Vliegweekend Commissie

Do you think you’re competitive? Do you like flying or have you always wanted to fly in a small aircraft? Then join us for one of VSV’s biggest events for Lustrum 14 – The VSV flying weekend! Together with your team, which you can compose yourself, you’ll travel to an airport somewhere in the Netherlands by means of a car rally. At the airport, tons of interesting activities will be organized. How about flying in a Cessna over the Netherlands? BBQ’s? Parties at the airport? And forget about drive-in cinema’s, you’ll be viewing movies from the cockpit of your airplane in a fly-in cinema. Some of these activities will give your team the chance earn points in order to be the winners of this memorable weekend. Participating in this event will truly be a once in a lifetime experience. Apart from the flying weekend we will organize an event that proved to be hugely popular last year – the simulator day. This day will give you the chance to experience what it’s like to be a commercial pilot in our own Simona; from talking with ATC to an ILS landing at Schiphol airport.
Geart van Dam - QQ
Xander Mobertz - First Officer



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