Aerospace Women's Day - Be the game changer

Womens Department 'Amelia'
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

The annual Aerospace Women's Day is coming up! The theme of the day is: "Be The Game Changer". 
Throughout the afternoon, you will be able to listen to 3 different speakers, and join one of the two workshops given by Accenture and NLR. The speakers will be announced soon!
An informal dinner is included as well as a networking event with representatives of different aerospace related companies. 
Join us on this interesting day where you can exchange experiences and advice, and be inspired! 
Hope to see you there! 

With winged regards,

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Christel Prins

Christel has been active at the VSV since her first year, where she joined the C1A to organise activities like a karaoke party for her fellow freshmen. During her second year, Christel became part of the space department to organise a symposium, with André Kuipers as highlight of the day. During that year she also helped to improve the study of Aerospace Engineering, by participating in the B2 committee. During the Lustrum year in 2015, she helped to organise the lustrum month as commissioner of logistics. With the Upcie she gave every memeber of the VSV an incredible experience.

De Delftse Bedrijven Dagen - Application Trainings

De Delftse Bedrijvendagen
TU Aula Congress Centre

During the Application Training, you can sign up for a half-day session, with a workshop or presentation. Here you get the best tips and tricks from experts about everything that comes with your job application. Learn how to present yourself, overcome your nerves and answer the most common questions. You will join a morning or afternoon session with a workshop or presentation from your choice. You can also have your resume checked by a professional or have a LinkedIn photo taken! Sign up via the website: ddb.tudelft.nl

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Exam Moment Q2

VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'
Fellowship, TU Delft

Sitting inside studying all day can be quite tiring, so come outside with the VSV! For the exam moment this quarter we will be divided over three spots in Delft to hand out some classic apple pie and have a chat.

Come take a study break on Thursday 20th of January between 15:00-16:00 outside the Fellowship.

EXTRA: For all Active Members of year 76, you can also collect a framed copy of the Active Members picture which was taken at the beach!

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