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Updated: 23 hours 12 min ago

The View from Space Could Change the World, Virgin Galactic Says

11 February, 2019 - 18:45
Virgin Galactic wants to make the world a better place by giving a lot more people some much-needed perspective.

NASA Center Director Nominated to Lead National Reconnaissance Office

11 February, 2019 - 18:25
The White House has nominated a longtime NASA center director and former acting administrator to be the next director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-1 Flight to Space Station: What to Expect

11 February, 2019 - 18:22
Here's what you need to know about SpaceX's Crew Dragon astronaut taxi, its upcoming shakeout flight to the space station and the short-term future of human spaceflight.

Some Assembly Required: Giant Next-Generation Space Telescopes Could Be Built Off Earth

11 February, 2019 - 18:21
When it comes to telescopes, size matters.

Ultima Thule Beyond Pluto Is Flat Like a Pancake (and Not a Space Snowman After All)

11 February, 2019 - 18:21
The final photos that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft snapped of Ultima Thule during the probe's epic Jan. 1 flyby reveal the distant object to be much flatter than scientists had thought.

After a Slow Start, Milky Way's Neighbors Have Upped Their Star-Forming Game

11 February, 2019 - 18:10
As they prepare for their first lap around the Milky Way, our galaxy's nearest neighbors have shown a dramatic increase in star formation.

You Can See Mars Near the Moon Tonight! Here's Where to Look.

10 February, 2019 - 14:37
Mars and the crescent moon will team up in a delightful celestial sight tonight (Feb. 10) and NASA has some tips to help you spot the Red Planet in the night sky.

Israel's 1st Moon Lander: The SpaceIL Beresheet Lunar Mission in Pictures

9 February, 2019 - 14:44
SpaceIL's historic mission to the moon with the Beresheet lander is expected to launch from SpaceX Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It will be the first privately developed moon mission and you can see it here in photos!

Orion Span Falls Far Short of Funding Goal to Support Its Commercial Space Station Ambitions

9 February, 2019 - 14:28
A startup with visions of developing private space stations raised only a small fraction of the funding it sought in a recent equity crowdfunding campaign, with no guarantee that it will be able to retain that funding.

Earth Once Swallowed Its Own Superocean. Could It Happen Again?

9 February, 2019 - 14:25
An ancient supercontinent turned inside out as the Earth swallowed its own ocean some 700 million years ago, new research suggests.

Ominous Cracks Form in the Northern Hemisphere's Longest Floating Glacier

9 February, 2019 - 14:25
Is Greenland's Petermann Glacier due for another big break?

Why (and How) to Skywatch When Winter Temperatures Plummet

9 February, 2019 - 14:22
One of the big news stories nationally over the past few weeks has been the invasion of the polar vortex in the northern tier of the United States.

Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin Teases New Russian Super-Heavy Rocket Yenisei

9 February, 2019 - 14:21
With the collapse of a major U.S.-Russia arms treaty last week, much attention is being paid to new Russian rockets.

Something Is Not Quite Right In the Universe, Ultraprecise New Measurement Reveals

9 February, 2019 - 14:20
A super-precise measurement of one of the fundamental constants of the universe suggests it's expanding faster now than it was in its early years.

Will Virgin Galactic Founder Richard Branson Fly to Space on Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary?

9 February, 2019 - 14:18
At an event celebrating Virgin Galactic's historic flight on Dec. 13, founder Sir Richard Branson shared that he hopes to make his first flight on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

'Blood Moon' Meets Star Trails in Stunning Long-Exposure Photo

9 February, 2019 - 14:15
A star trail sequence of 390 images shows the moon's path across the sky during the Super Blood Wolf Moon of Jan. 21, 2019, as seen from Mina de São Domingos at the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve in Mértola, Portugal.

Final Frontier Medicine: Astronauts Use 'Smart Shirt' and Ultrasounds to Monitor Health

9 February, 2019 - 14:14
Although astronauts on the International Space Station don't have access to futuristic "Star Trek" technology (yet), they are testing out devices like a shirt that measures heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure.

Terrestrial Planets: Definition & Facts About the Inner Planets

8 February, 2019 - 18:44
Rocky surfaces and molten cores are what the four inner planets of the solar system have in common

Found! Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Zips Around Sun in Just 165 Days

8 February, 2019 - 13:21
Astronomers just found an asteroid that zips around the sun every 165 Earth days — the shortest year for any known asteroid.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Episode 'An Obol For Charon' Shows the Qualities That Make 'Trek' Great

8 February, 2019 - 12:55
Hallucinogenic horseplay and socio-political commentary make for a great episode of "Star Trek: Discovery"