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Updated: 2 hours 50 min ago

NASA Certifies SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rockets for Science Missions

6 hours 39 min ago
NASA has certified the current version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 to launch some categories of science missions, a milestone needed for the upcoming, but delayed, launch of an astronomy spacecraft.

Pluto May Have a Gooey Carbon Layer Beneath Its Crust

6 hours 46 min ago
A thick, gooey, asphalt-like layer could lie beneath Pluto's crust.

Are Supermassive Black Holes Going to Eat the Universe?

6 hours 46 min ago
The largest black holes grow faster than their galaxies, according to new research.

Are Quark Stars Possible?

6 hours 57 min ago
Ultradense quark stars, which mash together one of the universe's fundamental particles, may or may not be a physical possibility.

Hasbro Unveils Epic Jabba's Sail Barge Toy for 'Star Wars' Fans by HasLab

18 February, 2018 - 16:20
Hasbro has just unveiled its largest "Star Wars" toy ever, a giant version of Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge, under the company's new HasLab crowdfunding initiative.

Hasbro Unveils New 'Star Wars' for 2018 at Toy Fair (Photos)

18 February, 2018 - 15:54
Hasbro has a new line of toys being released this year that will help fans recreate classic moments from the 'Star Wars' saga as well as create new moments from Solo: A 'Star Wars' Story.

SpaceX Delays Next Falcon 9 Rocket Launch to Feb. 21

18 February, 2018 - 13:11
SpaceX has delayed the launch of its next Falcon 9 rocket to no earlier than Wednesday (Feb. 21) to allow final checks of the rocket's upgraded nose cone.

NASA's Next Planet Hunter Arrives in Florida Ahead of April Launch

18 February, 2018 - 13:00
NASA's next exoplanet-hunting space telescope has arrived in Florida, two months ahead of the instrument's planned launch.

Look Inside the Lego Kessel Run Millennium Falcon!

18 February, 2018 - 12:52
We got our first look inside the Lego Kessel Run Millennium Falcon at the 2018 Toy Fair in New York today (Feb. 17). Join us for our first glimpse ahead of "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

SpaceX Launching Internet Satellites Aboard Used Rocket Sunday: Watch Live

17 February, 2018 - 11:30
SpaceX plans to launch the first two prototypes for its vast satellite-internet constellation Sunday (Feb. 18), and you can watch the liftoff live.

Bits of Famous, Lost (and Fake) 'Flying Saucer' Turn Up in British Science Museum

17 February, 2018 - 11:21
The flying saucer's copper bottom was covered in hieroglyphics, very much like the saucer discovered in Roswell, New Mexico.

New Mock Mars Mission in Hawaii Begins With Most International Crew Yet

17 February, 2018 - 11:06
Atop a volcano, a new eight-month long Mars simulation is underway.

The Solar Storm Hitting Earth Today Might Look Awesome

16 February, 2018 - 18:09
Thanks to a solar storm, the northern part of North America may see a dazzling auroral display tonight.

NASA's 'Quiet Supersonic' Plane Could Change Airports Forever

16 February, 2018 - 18:01
NASA's plan to fly a quiet supersonic jet by 2021 could have world-changing consequences for air travel.

FCC Chairman Backs SpaceX's Bold Internet-Satellite Plan Ahead of 1st Launch

16 February, 2018 - 13:42
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has issued a statement of support for SpaceX's envisioned Starlink constellation, a huge network of Earth-orbiting spacecraft that will provide internet service to folks around the world.

Watch Starman's Entire Deep-Space Ride on Elon Musk's Roadster in Just 80 Seconds

16 February, 2018 - 13:00
Feeling some Falcon Heavy withdrawal? You can relive the drama and spectacle of the giant SpaceX rocket's maiden launch, thanks to a new video that shows the journey of Elon Musk's Tesla and its mannequin driver, "Starman," out to deep space.

A Giant Storm on Neptune Is Disappearing as Hubble Telescope Watches

16 February, 2018 - 12:59
A dark storm on Neptune, once big enough to reach from Boston to Portugal, is dwindling to nothing as the Hubble Space Telescope keeps watch.

Astronauts Taking a Spacewalk at the Space Station Today: Watch It Live

16 February, 2018 - 12:52
Two astronauts will head outside the International Space Station for a spacewalk today (Feb. 16), and you can watch their entire excursion live online.

Window Wars in Space: Quest for the 'Big View' High Above Earth

16 February, 2018 - 12:43
Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital capsule features the biggest windows in spaceflight history, company representatives say — and that's a big part of the sales pitch.

Meet the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon! Lego's 1st 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Set

16 February, 2018 - 11:28
Lego will start selling a special "Solo: A Star Wars Story" set this April, about a month before the highly anticipated movie's May 25 premiere.