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Updated: 8 hours 39 min ago

Japanese-European spacecraft bound for Mercury weakened by thruster glitch

16 May, 2024 - 22:59
The thrusters of Mercury-bound spacecraft BepiColombo are operating at less than full capacity, and operators are racing to find a solution.

Stephen Hawking Medal 2024 winners announced at star-studded Starmus VII festival

16 May, 2024 - 21:59
The four winners of the Stephen Hawking Medal 2024 were announced during a medal ceremony at Starmus VII science and music festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.

India's space agency has been carefully watching our sun's solar tantrums

16 May, 2024 - 21:00
The Indian Space Research Organization has released solar storm data from ground stations and spacecraft, including the Chandrayaan-2 lunar orbiter.

Watch the 1st trailer for 'Dune: Prophecy' prequel series (video)

16 May, 2024 - 20:30
The first trailer for Max's "Dune: Prophecy" prequel spinoff has just arrived, revealing the origins of the franchise's mysterious Bene Gesserit sisterhood.

A massive, icy Mars crater stares up at a Red Planet orbiter (image)

16 May, 2024 - 20:00
A massive Mars impact crater dominates a new view from the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO).

Huge, solar flare-launching sunspot has rotated away from Earth. But will it return?

15 May, 2024 - 23:40
The behemoth sunspot AR3664 has finally rotated out of Earth's view, firing off two more big solar storms on its way out the door. Will it come back?

How do you forecast a solar storm? Space weather experts explain

15 May, 2024 - 23:00
While the weekend solar event gave us quite the show in the night sky, it also helps scientists learn more about space weather to continue to improve forecasts.

Cosmic butterfly or interstellar burger? This planet-forming disk is the largest ever seen

15 May, 2024 - 22:00
A distant planetary nursery is breaking all records as it shows the extremes to which planet formation can go.

To better predict volcanic eruptions, you have to dig deep — very deep

15 May, 2024 - 21:00
New research suggests studying the state of magma in deep reservoirs can improve volcanic eruption predictions.

Where did Earth's water come from? This ancient asteroid family may help us find out

15 May, 2024 - 20:00
The family is part of a larger asteroid that was smashed to pieces 130 million years ago.

Wow! Satellite views International Space Station from only 43 miles away (photo)

15 May, 2024 - 19:30
The International Space Station was caught on camera in an incredible new photo from HEO Robotics, which images satellites using space-based sensors.

Cotton candy exoplanet is 2nd lightest planet ever found

15 May, 2024 - 19:00
A newly discovered giant planet is the density of a vast cloud of cotton candy. The sweet discovery of WASP-193 b marks the entry of the second-lightest exoplanet ever seen into the exoplanet catalog.

Learn how to become an astrobiologist in new issue of NASA's graphic novel series

15 May, 2024 - 18:00
A preview of NASA's latest issue of "Astrobiology," their fun ongoing graphic novel series

Milky Way's halo is filled with 'magnetic donuts' as wide as 100,000 light-years

15 May, 2024 - 17:00
Astronomers have determined that the Milky Way's outer halo is filled with "magnetic donuts" that are as wide as 100,000 light-years. The discovery could shed light on how cosmic magnetic fields form and evolve.

Earth-size planet discovered around cool red dwarf star shares its name with a biscuit

15 May, 2024 - 16:21
Astronomers have discovered an Earth-size planet orbiting a red dwarf star, making just the second planetary system seen around one of these tiny, cool, dim, but common, stars.

Satellite images of Rafah illustrate Palestinians fleeing the city

15 May, 2024 - 00:08
Satellite imagery of Rafah, Gaza, provided by commercial company Planet Labs, offers a spaceborne view of the Israel-Hamas war.

Big decision! Curiosity rover keeps following possible Mars river remnant

14 May, 2024 - 22:00
After much debate, the Curiosity Mars rover team decided to continue following an intriguing channel rather than send the robot on an off-road detour.

Blue Origin targeting May 19 for 1st crewed spaceflight since 2022

14 May, 2024 - 21:00
Blue Origin is targeting Sunday (May 19) for the six-person NS-25, the company's first crewed spaceflight since August 2022.

Car-size asteroid gives Earth a close shave in near-miss flyby (video, photo)

14 May, 2024 - 20:45
A car-sized asteroid flew very close to Earth on Tuesday morning (May 14), just two days after being discovered.

Sun unleashes massive X8.7 solar flare, biggest of current cycle, from super-active monster sunspot (video)

14 May, 2024 - 20:17
A monster sunspot on the sun's surface just won't quit, erupting yet again this week with a whopping X8.7-class solar flare on Tuesday (May 14).