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Lunch lecture Damen

MD 'Apollo'

During this lunch lecture organised by Damen and MD 'Apollo', Damen will tell you all about what they do and their career opportunities! More information will follow soon!

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Lunch lecture DMO


During this lunch lecture organised by the Aviation Department, the Defensie Materieel Organisatie (DMO) will tell you all about what they do! They take care that all employees of the military can work with state of the art and safe equipment. Also, they are highly involved in the equipment bought by the military. More information will follow!

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About the VSV

Established in 1945, the Society of Aerospace Students ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, has grown into a mature society. It organizes many activities for its members, more than 95% of all students at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Currently there are approximately 2300 members, making the Society of Aerospace Engineering Students the largest society of its kind in the Benelux. The Society aims to serve the interests of aerospace students in all aspects of student life. Since 1945, this has been achieved by organizing a wide variety of activities.


Book desk opening hours

The book shop will be opened in week 1.5 during the following time slots.


MON 3/10

TUE 4/10

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THU 6/10

FRI 7/10

10:30-10:45 open closed open closed closed
12:30-13:45 closed open closed closed open
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