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Tech vs. Consultancy Day

MD Apollo

Note: due to company requirements this event is limited to Dutch-speaking students. 

Are you doubting between a career in engineering or consulting? Then join the Tech vs Consultancy Day and visit KLM Flight Operations and the The Boston Consulting Group for a case and strategy training. To apply, send your CV, without contact details, to for the selection procedure. This event is open to all Master students and 3rd year Bachelor students. 

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Excursion Gilze-Rijen

LVD Aviation Department

On Thursday the 9th of May the Aviation Department will go on an excursion to Gilze-Rijen, one of the airports of the Dutch Royal Airforce. With around 25 students, an unique insight will be given into the location and the latest developments within the Airforce and its high-tech equipment. Having around 1500 employees, of which both military and civilian, going for a visit to Gilze-Rijen is set to be a unique experience.

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