The VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ cannot exist without her active members. They are the beating heart of the association, consisting of approximately 200 students who work days and sometimes nights to organize activities for the almost 3000 members. Some of these active members put in so much effort, mean so much for the association, that we distinguish these by designating them as members of merit.

Lukas Müller

Despite all the VSV’s parties and social events that Lukas Müller enjoys attending, he immediately dove into the more serious and demanding committees as a young aerospace engineering student. In the B2 committee, he ensured that the quality of education was continuously assessed and raised to a higher level. Soon after that, he took on the challenge of becoming Chairman of the Script Committee. Our website, the one that the VSV knows today, would simply not exist if it hadn’t been for his hard work and contribution. But his ScriptCie career does not end here. Up until this day, he is actively engaged in the online development and he is now working on a new VSV website and house style together with his fellow ScriptCie colleagues, for which the society is very thankful. Furthermore, he has taken part in the M1 evaluation committee for FPP, along with the function of Logistics in the Studytour committee. Organising an amazing trip to France, Italy and Dubai, he proved his passion for Aerospace Engineering and visited some of the most leading companies within the industry. Now, he is in charge of the faculty communication and promotional affairs within Master Department ‘Apollo’ and continues to amaze us with his dedication and warm heart for the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. We are proud to have him as one of our members of merit and we would like to thank him for his commitment and hard work online behind the scenes.

Thomas Arblaster

Thomas started his VSV career in the Film and Photo Committee. After that, he joined the Jaerbouck Committee, Bachelor Evaluation Committees, Space Department (RVD), Atmosfeermanagement, Committee Committee, Script Committee, Revolutionary Aerospace Women (RAW), and this year, he contributes to the VSV in the Media Committee. Next to this impressive list of committees, Thomas is a critical and enthusiastic VSV member, that is always willing to help and create a better VSV. Besides his commitment to the VSV, Thomas also participated in the board of Green TU Delft, a team advising the University on environmental sustainability. Due to this imposing list and his presence in the association, he earned his installment as Member of Merit of the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'!


Yara Hinssen