The VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ cannot exist without her active members. They are the beating heart of the association, consisting of approximately 200 students who work days and sometimes nights to organize activities for the almost 3000 members. Some of these active members put in so much effort, mean so much for the association, that we distinguish these by designating them as members of merit.

Lukas Müller



Despite all the VSV’s parties and social events that Lukas Müller enjoys attending, he immediately dove into the more serious and demanding committees as a young aerospace engineering student. In the B2 committee, he ensured that the quality of education was continuously assessed and raised to a higher level. Soon after that, he took on the challenge of becoming Chairman of the Script Committee. Our website, the one that the VSV knows today, would simply not exist if it hadn’t been for his hard work and contribution. But his ScriptCie career does not end here. Up until this day, he is actively engaged in the online development and he is now working on a new VSV website and house style together with his fellow ScriptCie colleagues, for which the society is very thankful. Furthermore, he has taken part in the M1 evaluation committee for FPP, along with the function of Logistics in the Studytour committee. Organising an amazing trip to France, Italy and Dubai, he proved his passion for Aerospace Engineering and visited some of the most leading companies within the industry. Now, he is in charge of the faculty communication and promotional affairs within Master Department ‘Apollo’ and continues to amaze us with his dedication and warm heart for the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. We are proud to have him as one of our members of merit and we would like to thank him for his commitment and hard work online behind the scenes.



Quirijn van Woerkom



Quirijn is well known for his enthusiastic presence at almost every VSV event. His time as an active member has also greatly reflected this and shown his ability to organize events in every pillar of the VSV. He started in the Intercom back in his fist year and his passion for social events was only further developed during his second year when he became Commissioner of Promotion in the AkCie. Additionally, during this year he could also often be found in ‘de Atmosfeer’ as a member of the TapCie. However, being just a TapCie was not enough for Quirijn so in his next year he joined the tenth management of ‘de Atmosfeer’ as commissioner of activities. Everything is an activity and so is joining many more VSV committees. In his 4th year he became part of the Delft Career Platform Marketing committee as secretary, after which he became the business manager of the Da Vinci Satellite where he managed the external relations and acquisitions of the project. This year you can find Quirijn as a member of the Space Department, in which he reprises his role as secretary. We are very proud to have Quirijn as a member of merit and look forward to the many great additions he will surely make to the VSV in the future!


Lizzy Middendorp

Lizzy Middendorp  began her journey in the Bar Committee, fostering a love for the society and its members. Transitioning from organizing a freshmen weekend to managing 'de Atmosfeer,' she then explored her travel passion with the Galaxski and study tour committees. Amidst an internship abroad, she successfully orchestrated the VSV Gala and played a crucial role in the Atmosfeer Lustrum week. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Lizzy's caring and helpful nature extends beyond VSV; she's known as a 'mom figure' among friends and even served as a mentormama during freshmen weekend. Her innovative spirit during an internship showcased her commitment to maximizing student life. Deserving the title of Member of Merit, Lizzy's impact reflects a selfless dedication to enhancing the lives of those around her.


Øyvind Bryhn Pettersen

Øyvind started at the VSV as a freshman, joining the Bar Committee. Here, he quickly got to know all of our members, but especially our bar. He was so eager to stay in this bar that he joined the management of ‘de Atmosfeer’ right in his second year. During this year chairing the management of ‘de Atmosfeer’, he showed even more enthusiasm and met friends that he will cherish forever. Following this, Øyvind joined the Space Department, in which he organised various space activities, like a Multiple Day Excursion and a Space Department lustrum. After organising the Multiple Day Excursion, Øyvind found so much joy in travelling that the next year he became the treasurer of the Studytour committee. They organised a tour through South America, visiting the breathtaking nature and wonderful companies that can be found there. On top of that, Øyvind was part of the CieCie, organising the Active Members Weekend for all of our active members. And now, this year, Øyvind is part of the Bedrijven Informatie Team, or BIT, of ‘de Delftse Bedrijvendagen’, as the first ever international team member. The joy he has found in this team is wonderful to see. 
However, the things Øyvind has done for his committees, management and team are not the only reason behind him deserving the title of Member of Merit so much. Øyvind has helped the VSV become more international, not being afraid to shout ‘Engels alsjeblieft’ through a Dutch conversation. 
Furthermore, Øyvind is always looking for ways to make the VSV more sustainable. As an enthusiastic member of the VeggieCie, he organises gatherings of all the vegetarians in the VSV to promote this healthy and sustainable diet. Furthermore, in a sense of financial sustainability, Øyvind wrote a full scientific article describing why it would be beneficial for the VSV to buy pots and pans instead of renting them for each activity. This kind of initiative is always appreciated a lot in the VSV. 
We hope that Øyvind, as he enters this new part of his VSV career, doesn’t stop doing what he has done over these years. His enthusiasm and his ideas have added a lot to our society, and we cannot be more thankful for that!


Yvar Vliex

Yvar's VSV journey began with the yearbook committee, offering him insight into the society's stories and events. As the Commissioner of Layout, he played a crucial role in creating the Pioneers yearbook, capturing the essence of the society's 75th year. Transitioning to the Space Department, Yvar organized online lunch lectures and a special lustrum for the RVD, showcasing his passion for space exploration. Joining the 12th Management of 'de Atmosfeer' as the Commissioner of Activities, he orchestrated various events around the reopened bar, including the Atmosfeer Lustrum Group's week-long celebration. In the current academic year, Yvar expanded his impact by managing external affairs for the Aerospace Diversity Day and serving as the Technical Manager for the Da Vinci Satellite team. Simultaneously, he contributed to the B2 committee and the Tapcie. Yvar's commitment extends beyond committee work; he actively volunteers at major events, aids in the setup of projects like Limitless, and regularly engages with members on the VSFloor and 'de Atmosfeer.' Yvar's profound passion and dedicated involvement make him truly deserving of the Member of Merit distinction. 


Julia van Berkom

Julia's VSV career kicked off with the Yearbook committee, where she served as the Commissioner of Content, contributing to the creation of the Pioneers yearbook. Simultaneously, she dedicated herself to FiFoCo for an extended period. Progressing to the 11th Management of 'de Atmosfeer' as the Commissioner of Activities, Julia navigated the challenges of the corona year by creatively organizing engaging events. The following year, she took on the role of treasurer in the Delft Career Platform Acquisition committee, contributing to the management of the Career Platform and its associated vacancies. Julia's diverse involvement continued with the CieCie, orchestrating a delightful Active Members Weekend. She brought her enthusiasm to the Aerospace Diversity Department, serving as the Commissioner of Events and organizing activities like the ADDinner in the Dark. After that adventure, she even went on to organise an amazing Studytour that will go to Singapore, Australia, and New-Zealand, as Secretary. Beyond her committee work, Julia stands out for her creative ideas to enhance the society, always ready to pitch innovative solutions. Her willingness to lend a helping hand and genuine care for members, coupled with a perpetual smile, make Julia a cherished and deserving Member of Merit.


Timo Burggraaf

Jelle Kok

Jelle started his time at the VSV in 2017 at the Jaerbouck committee. This committee sparked his love for the VSV and caused him to become active in seven other committees over the last years. Jelle also became active in the B2-committee, the management of ‘de Atmosfeer’, the Aerospace Diversity Department, the ScriptCie, the Aviation Department and the Studytour committee.
And this year, as a crown on his work so far, he helps organizing the lustrum next year in the Pre-Lustrum Committee. Next to this, you can regularly see him in ‘de Atmosfeer’, when helping out at the Freshmen Weekend, or at many other VSV-events.
During the question action of Jelle, he brainstormed about Diversity and Inclusion ideas, he searched for his old Jaerbouck, he found a new studytour destination in Delft and ended up spotting airplanes near the faculty. Jelle was installed on March 18th 2024.

Graduated Members of Merit

Yara Hinssen - Installed on 30 May 2022

Max Koster - installed on 28 March 2022

Thomas Arblaster - Installed on 16 Septmeber 2021

Bastiaan Bosman - installed on 3 March 2021

Jan Post - installed on 3 March 2021

Willem Hoekman - installed on 22 February 2021

Marijn van Oorschot - installed on 22 February 2021

Arjan Vermeulen - installed on 2 March 2020

Sébastien Bourier - installed on 6 January 2020

María Seoane Álvarez - installed on 3 September 2020

Ralph van Sunten - installed on 2 March 2020

Jasper ten Bloemendal - installed on 6 May 2019

Mats Dirkzwager - installed on 7 January 2019

Christel Prins - installed on 26 February 2018

Floris Heeres - installed on 11 December 2017

Alper Kenger - installed on 15 May 2017

Ramon Duivenvoorden - installed on 15 December 2016

Matthew Corvers - installed on 15 March 2016

Vera Somers - installed on 31 May 2016

Coen Ravesteijn - installed on 15 December 2016

Elisabeth van der Sman - installed on 2 June 2015

Jasper Müller - installed on 9 December 2014

Charlotte Broek - installed on 3 June 2014

Sabine Soepnel - installed on 10 December 2013

Benjamin Broekhuizen - installed on 16 October 2013

Maarten Weehuizen - installed on 19 March 2013

Lisanne van Veen - installed on 5 June 2012