The Delft Career Platform (DCP) is the career platform for all TU Delft students. Hosting dozens of companies and a multitude of opportunities, any student looking for an internship, a research project, student job or starter job will find something that suits them. Only want to get a first impression of a company before considering them as your next employer? The Delft Career Platform also offers a variety of career events, such as inhouse days and workshops, hosted by a plethora of different companies. Looking for a challenging job during your studies? Nearing the end of your education at the TU Delft? Check our website for opportunities – tailored to you. 

Delft Career Platform - Practische Studie


The Delft Career platform is run by five study associations representing different studies at the TU Delft. Each year one boardmember of each of these associations takes part in DCP, as well as two commissioners in the aquisition and marketing committee.

The connected associations are:

  • Gezelschap Leeghwater – Mechanical Engineering
  • Technologisch Gezelschap – Chemical Engineering
  • Vereniging voor Technische Physica – Applied Physics
  • VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ – Aerospace Engineering
  • Gezelschap ‘Praktische Studie’ – Civil Engineering