Bachelor books

Freshmen students 2019-2020

[Updated on 22/7/19]


The books for coming freshmen will be on sale from the beginning of July. The VSV provides freshmen students with a special book package for the first semester. If you are a VSV member, you will receive a special discount! Below, the freshmen book package is listed for semester 1. Please visit our ticketshop under tab 'Events' to purchase this book package, or just the link

Master books

Master students can order their books from the Master Webshop. The books will be delivered directly to your home address.


Exam Moment Period 1


The VSV is there to support the Aerospace Engineering students throughout their whole studies. So therefore also during the exam period! The board comes to the rescue, when you are studying hard, and provides you with a treat during the VSV Exam Moment.

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