Bachelor books

VSV members can buy their study books for their AE bachelor at the VSV book shop. Study books for the AE masters and AE minors are available in our webshop. Becoming a member of the society only costs €17,- for the entire study duration or €3,40 per year. At the VSV book shop you can pay with a Dutch bank card, Maestro V-Pay and credit card. Our book shop is located on the first floor in the AE faculty. For our opening hours, please see the home page.

Master books

Master students can order their books from the Master Webshop. The books will be delivered directly to your home address.


Aerospace Women's Day

WD 'Amelia'
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

On the 3rd of May, the annual Aerospace Women’s Day will take place! This year the theme will be leadership. During an afternoon, you can attend several lectures given by women in high positions in aerospace companies. Afterwards, you can participate in several workshops, that will provide you with valuable skills in leadership. The workshops will be about leadership, attitude, role modelling and negotiation for women. 

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