Society for Aerospace Engineering Students
VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Delft University of Technology

Postal address:
VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'
Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft

The VSV offices are located on the first floor of the faculty highrise.

Telephone numbers:
+31 (0)15 27 85366 President, Secretary, Treasurer and general phone number

+31 (0)15 27 82418 Bachelor Affairs

+31 (0)15 27 83470 Master Affairs

+31 (0)15 27 87397 Career Affairs, De Delftse Bedrijvendagen and Alumni Affairs

+31 (0)15 27 83222 External Affairs


Are you interested in a cooperation with the VSV? Please get in touch with the Comissioner of External Affairs for more information regarding the possibilities for cooperation.