September 2020


[online] Change GMA

With a new academic year comes a new board. This board, the 76th since the founding of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, will be installed during the first part of this change GMA. While physical attendance is invitation-only, this General Member’s Assembly can also be followed online.

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[online] Continuation change GMA

In the second part of the change GMA, the new members of the senior committees, departments, and management will be installed. Additionally, we will install our newest Member of Merit, María Seoane! This part of the GMA can also be followed online. It will be held on the VSV Teams, which can be joined through this link.

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Freshmen event

Intercom and C1AS
Delftse Hout

Want to see more of the fellow freshmen you met at the freshmen weekend? Or do you want a chance to finally meet them outside of the serious project meetings? On 8 September, we are organizing this special Freshmen event for everyone in their freshmen year. Come join us for a BBQ and games on the BBQ field in the Delftse Hout! Get your tickets here.

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Second year committee interest lunch and drink

De Bierfabriek

Interested in joining a 2nd year committee of the VSV? Excited to organize the Freshmen Weekend, the Belgian Beer drink or any of the other cool activities? Join the interest lunch or drink! It is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the EducaCie, EJW'cie, AkCie, InterCom, Airbase, B2, TapCie, FiFoCo, LT, ScriptCie and Jaerbouck!

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Top Gun


Of course, we cannot start the year without our annual Top Gun viewing. There’s a twist, though: our AkCie found that the original film was dubbed with the wrong text! They’ve since released the real version, with the correct subtitles, which we will watch together during the Top Gun night. More information will follow soon, so keep an eye on the VSV ticket shop.

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WWW wine tasting

Women with Wings

Overwhelmed by the amount of guys at the faculty, or just looking to meet the rest of the ladies? Feel free to join the WWW wine tasting! At this exclusive event you will have the chance to meet them all while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Girls only!

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[online] Freshmen committee interest lunch

Interested in doing a committee at the VSV besides your studies and cannot come by the interest drink on Thursday, or prefer to ask your questions online? You can join us during lunch this Wednesday and we'll answer all your questions! It will be held in the VSV teams, which you can join through this link.

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