Hasbro issues classic 'Star Wars' Boba Fett ship in wake of Boba Fett Disney Plus show

22 July, 2022 - 23:17
Boba Fett rides again in a Hasbro Firespray ship.

Launch like Starship? China considers fully reusable heavy-lift rocket: report

22 July, 2022 - 22:00
A reusable variant of the megabooster could be available in 2035, five years after the series begins launches in 2030.

Space station successors may not be ready in time to replace aging lab: report

22 July, 2022 - 21:00
NASA is funding multiple commercial space stations, but some experts are concerned these will not be ready by the time the ISS is retired.

NASA moon program aims for a daring commercial landing on the far side in 2025

22 July, 2022 - 20:35
NASA's first-ever far side lunar landing will bring science to the surface on board a private spacecraft.

SpaceX breaks launch record as it sends 46 Starlink satellites into space Friday

22 July, 2022 - 19:51
Liftoff took place in California at 1:40 p.m. EDT (1740 GMT), after launch was scrubbed Thursday (July 21) at T-46 seconds.

Sun outburst prompts warnings of moderate solar storm this weekend

22 July, 2022 - 19:16
Intense geomagnetic storms are possible in the coming days as Earth's magnetic field is bombarded by a solar storm cloud.

'Twilight telescopes' are finding 'city-killer' asteroids in an unexplored region of our solar system

22 July, 2022 - 18:00
Pioneering new telescope surveys that use only the 10 minutes before sunrise and after sunset are searching for eccentric asteroids. They're finding some strange things.

Telescopes at Walmart: Deals on the best models from Celestron and others

22 July, 2022 - 17:41
There are several discounts on Celestron telescopes at Walmart, get them before they're gone!

International Space Station: Live updates

21 July, 2022 - 23:57
Find out what's going on at the International Space Station.

Mars sample return details coming next week, NASA and European Space Agency promise

21 July, 2022 - 23:05
NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have new details to share on how they will bring pieces of Mars to Earth, and they'll share their plans next week.

SpaceX's next astronaut launch for NASA slips to late September

21 July, 2022 - 21:57
SpaceX's next Dragon passengers will need to wait a little longer to get off the ground.

SpaceX aborts launch of Falcon 9 rocket carrying 46 Starlink satellites

21 July, 2022 - 21:07
SpaceX aborted the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a payload of the company's Starlink internet satellites just before liftoff on Thursday (July 21).

NASA's space shuttle shines in exclusive clip from new '80s sci-fi documentary, 'In Search of Tomorrow'

21 July, 2022 - 19:00
Writer/director David A. Weiner presents another plunge into the past in his new sci-fi movie salute to the '80s, "In Search of Tomorrow."

Flying telescope SOFIA grounded by storm damage as mission end approaches

21 July, 2022 - 18:00
NASA's telescope-carrying jet has been damaged in a storm in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Department of Defense establishes office to track UFOs in space

21 July, 2022 - 17:32
The Department of Defense has created a new office to track unidentified objects in space and air, under water, or that appear to travel between these domains.

James Webb Space Telescope discovers candidates for most distant galaxies yet

21 July, 2022 - 17:01
Astronomers have spotted two candidates for the most distant galaxies ever, thanks to the power of a massive gravitational lens.

Mattel to launch SpaceX vehicles as new Matchbox toys and collectibles

20 July, 2022 - 23:14
Mattel has entered into a multi-year agreement with SpaceX to create and market toys based on SpaceX rockets and spacecraft.

NASA considers sending scientists to International Space Station: report

20 July, 2022 - 22:00
NASA is considering sending "hyper-specialized" scientists to the International Space Station to work alongside career astronauts.

Solar wind blowing from the sun could trigger aurora displays

20 July, 2022 - 20:00
Solar wind is blowing from the sun with unusual intensity these days, and space weather forecasters think it might make polar lights brighter.

China launches SuperView remote-sensing satellites on Long March 2C rocket

20 July, 2022 - 20:00
China launched the SuperView Neo 2 (01) and (02) commercial sensing satellites into near-polar orbit with its 24th orbital launch of 2022.