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Updated: 14 hours 17 min ago

Europe's JUICE probe will be 1st to use gravity of Earth and moon to slingshot to Jupiter

20 November, 2023 - 19:00
The spacecraft recently burned 10 percent of its total fuel in a single 43-minute maneuver as preparation for the double gravity assist.

Inside a historic trip to Antarctica, crewed by over 100 women scientists

20 November, 2023 - 12:00
Over 100 women scientists, including a handful of astronomers, have set sail to Antarctica.

NASA's X-59 'quiet' supersonic jet heads for a new red, white and blue paint job

19 November, 2023 - 15:00
The X-59 Quesst may be "quiet" when it breaks the sound barrier, but it now supports a loud color scheme.

Fisher Space Pens to fly with Blue Origin crews as 'official ballpoint'

19 November, 2023 - 14:00
Fisher Space Pen has new Blue ballpoints. The maker of the pressurized-ink writing instruments has partnered with Blue Origin to become the company's pen provider for all upcoming crewed launches.

Satellites watch Russia's tallest volcano spew 1,000-mile-long plume of smoke (photos)

19 November, 2023 - 14:00
Russia's Klyuchevskoy volcano, which is the tallest volcano in Europe and Asia, violently erupted on Nov. 1 and left behind a trail of smoke and ash that was photographed by NASA satellites.

Russia's long-duration space journey on Earth put 6 people in isolation for a year

19 November, 2023 - 12:00
Russia kicked off another one of its simulated missions this week, this time a 360-day isolation of individuals to imitate flight conditions of a deep space journey.

FAA to oversee investigation of SpaceX's explosive 2nd Starship flight

18 November, 2023 - 19:22
The FAA will oversee a SpaceX-led investigation of the second-ever flight of the company's giant Starship vehicle, which ended eight minutes after liftoff on Nov. 18.

SpaceX poised to launch 22 Starlink satellites early Nov. 19

18 November, 2023 - 19:00
SpaceX plans to launch 22 more Starlink internet satellites from California early Sunday (Nov. 19), wrapping up a busy spaceflight weekend for the company.

SpaceX's 2nd Starship launch test looks amazing in these stunning photos and videos

18 November, 2023 - 18:07
SpaceX's second Starship test flight on Nov. 18 may have met an explosive end, but photos of the launch were absolutely amazing.

NASA chief congratulates SpaceX on Starship's explosive 2nd launch test

18 November, 2023 - 16:32
SpaceX's Starship notched a number of milestones on its second-ever test flight today (Nov. 18), drawing praise from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

SpaceX Starship megarocket launches on 2nd-ever test flight, explodes in 'rapid unscheduled disassembly' (video)

18 November, 2023 - 14:55
SpaceX's next-generation Starship megarocket launched on its second-ever test flight today (Nov. 18), but exploded in a 'rapid unscheduled disassembly.'

This Week In Space podcast: Episode 88 — Thanksgiving Special

18 November, 2023 - 13:49
On Episode 88 of This Week In Space, Tariq and Rod discuss what they are grateful for in space.

Watch SpaceX's Starship launch on its 2nd-ever test flight today

18 November, 2023 - 06:01
SpaceX plans to launch its giant Starship vehicle for the second time ever this morning (Nov. 18), and you can watch the action live.

SpaceX launches 23 Starlink satellites on 1st of back-to-back missions this weekend

18 November, 2023 - 00:00
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 23 Starlink internet satellites from Florida on Saturday (Nov. 18), the first of two planned Starlink launches this weekend.

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts – physicists are searching for new ideas that might explain the mismatch

17 November, 2023 - 22:59
The universe is not just expanding – its rate of expansion is accelerating. And that expansion rate is even faster than the leading theory predicts it should be, leaving cosmologists puzzled.

Quantum chemistry experiment on ISS creates exotic 5th state of matter

17 November, 2023 - 22:12
Researchers created a quantum gas containing two types of atoms on the ISS, in a first for space-based research.

The 'Star Wars' universe celebrates Life Day today with red robes, glowing orbs and goodwill

17 November, 2023 - 22:08's guide to "Star Wars" Life Day and its affirmative roots as a traditional Wookiee holiday.

NASA's Artemis 2 moon mission: Live updates

17 November, 2023 - 21:19
NASA's Artemis 2 mission is returning astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972. See live mission updates here.

This solar eruption was so powerful it warped the sun's magnetic field (video)

17 November, 2023 - 21:00
Satellites observed a coronal mass ejection on Wednesday (Nov. 15), capturing a bright burst of super-hot plasma that warped the sun's magnetic field.

Volcanic 'Devil Comet' erupts with its biggest blast yet as it races toward Earth

17 November, 2023 - 19:59
An icy volcanic comet that is three times as large as Mount Everest, nicknamed the "Devil Comet," erupted again Nov. 14. This is the fourth explosive event for 12P/Pons-Brooks since July 2023.