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Updated: 3 hours 20 min ago

Experience the Overview Effect with the Felix & Paul VR trilogy 'Space Explorers: Blue Marble'

10 September, 2023 - 15:00
Felix & Paul Studios announces the release of the VR space trilogy, "Space Explorers: Blue Marble"

Globular cluster glitters in stunning new Hubble telescope photo

10 September, 2023 - 14:00
A new photo from the Hubble Space Telescope captures a glittering globular cluster deep in our Milky Way galaxy.

Astronaut wields new space camera to see lightning strikes on Earth

10 September, 2023 - 12:00
European astronaut Andreas Mogensen captured incredible footage of lightning strikes during just 10 days in space in 2015. He plans a deeper study during his new six-month stay on the International Space Station, with a new camera.

India's Chandrayaan-3 robotic moon explorers don't have heaters. Can they survive the frigid lunar night?

10 September, 2023 - 12:00
India's Chandrayaan-3 moon lander and rover are facing their first lunar night. Their chances of waking up at dawn whittle down to luck.

The US Space Force has a new mission statement to secure everything 'in, from and to space'

9 September, 2023 - 14:27
The United States Space Force has unveiled a concise new mission statement after the service's top officer criticized the previous statement as 'long and cumbersome.'

NASA may have unknowingly found and killed alien life on Mars 50 years ago, scientist claims

9 September, 2023 - 14:00
One researcher hypothesizes that experiments carried out by NASA's Viking landers in 1976 could have inadvertently killed microbes living in Martian rocks. Other experts are skeptical.

Nightfox 100V night vision binoculars review

9 September, 2023 - 13:07
The Nightfox 100V is a good budget pair of digital night vision binoculars but it takes a bunch of batteries to power it.

India's lunar lander finds 1st evidence of a moonquake in decades

9 September, 2023 - 12:00
The possible moonquake was detected by India's Chandrayaan-3 mission on its third day on the lunar surface.

Hurricane Lee looks absolutely terrifying in this footage from inside its eye (video)

9 September, 2023 - 12:00
Storm chasers with the Air Force Reserve's Hurricane Hunters caught terrifying footage from inside the eye of Hurricane Lee on Sept. 8, showing the storm brimming with lightning.

Ultra-powerful space explosion, 1st of its kind, may have been triggered by black hole star-destroyer

8 September, 2023 - 23:00
A "Luminous Fast Cooler" explosion that emits as much energy in weeks as the sun will over 10 billion years could be the result of a black hole wrecking a star.

NASA's mighty SLS megarocket for Artemis moonshots 'unaffordable' for sustained exploration, audit finds

8 September, 2023 - 22:30
NASA needs to be more transparent about the costs and schedules for its Space Launch System moon rocket, a newly released audit has found.

Watch Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket fire up its engine for the 1st time (video)

8 September, 2023 - 21:30
Europe's next-generation heavy-lift rocket just took a big step towards its first, much-awaited launch thanks to a successful hot fire of its Vulcain 2.1 engine.

Watch SpaceX launch 22 Starlink satellites to orbit tonight

8 September, 2023 - 21:21
SpaceX plans to launch 22 more of its Starlink internet satellites to orbit tonight (Sept. 8), and you can watch the action live.

How NASA's Habitable Worlds Observatory will search exoplanets for signs of alien life

8 September, 2023 - 20:30
Planning is well underway for NASA’s Habitable Worlds Observatory, a telescope project that will hunt for telltale signs of life in the atmospheres of planets outside the solar system.

Venus is now a beacon in the early morning sky. Here's how to see it

8 September, 2023 - 20:00
With each passing morning, Venus has been rising ever higher and has been getting a little brighter. The planet will reach its brightest in the morning sky on Sept. 19. Here's how to see it.

FAA closes investigation of SpaceX's Starship launch mishap

8 September, 2023 - 19:51
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has closed its investigation into the first flight of SpaceX's giant Starship vehicle, which ended with a bang this past April.

New 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' book goes behind the scenes of a true sci-fi classic (exclusive)

8 September, 2023 - 19:00
Check out an exclusive 'Star Trek' Day preview for Titan Books' newest release, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: The Making of the Classic Film."

Virgin Galactic launches 3 of its original space tourist customers to the final frontier (video)

8 September, 2023 - 18:12
Virgin Galactic launched three of its longest-standing ticketholders today (Sept. 8), sending them to suborbital space on the 'Galactic 03' mission.

Why Artemis 2 moon launch with astronauts is different from Artemis 1

8 September, 2023 - 17:00
NASA's mobile launcher for Artemis 2 is at the launch pad right now for testing. spoke with the agency to learn how the Space Launch System and related systems will get ready for the historic moon launch with astronauts in 2024.

Virgin Galactic will launch some of its 1st space tourist customers on 'Galactic 03' flight Friday. But who's flying?

8 September, 2023 - 00:00
Virgin Galactic plans to launch its 'Galactic 03' space tourism mission on Sept. 8, sending three customers to the final frontier and back. You won't be able to watch it live, though.