A month on 'Mars': Living on the EDGES

7 September, 2022 - 20:00
Devon Island is one of the most radio-quiet places in the northern hemisphere, a perfect place for the Haughton-Mars Project to conduct the EDGES experiment.

US launches unarmed ballistic missile from Vandenberg Space Force Base

7 September, 2022 - 19:27
The U.S. Air Force conducted an early-morning suborbital test of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, on Wednesday (Sept. 7).

Mysterious region of the sun shines in new photo from world's largest solar telescope

7 September, 2022 - 19:00
The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope could change how we explore the sun and our understanding of hazardous solar flares.

2nd huge eruption from the sun hammers Venus

7 September, 2022 - 18:26
Venus is being hammered by wild space weather this week after a giant sunspot, not visible from Earth, expelled an enormous plasma burst toward the scorching-hot planet.

Russia delays launch of Luna 25 moon lander to 2023

7 September, 2022 - 18:19
Russia's reactivation of lunar exploration via its robotic Luna 25 lander has slipped to 2023.

James Webb Space Telescope spots alien planet shrouded in weird sand-filled clouds

7 September, 2022 - 18:00
The James Webb Space Telescope has found a strange exoplanet shrouded in clouds made of sand-like silicate grains.

Missing carbon monoxide in planetary nurseries could be frozen in ice

7 September, 2022 - 17:00
A new astrophysical model confirmed by ALMA observations suggests that carbon monoxide missing from planetary nebulas could be frozen as undetectable ice.

Discovery suggests red supergiant Betelgeuse was actually yellow 2,000 years ago

6 September, 2022 - 22:00
New research from historical sources indicates that Betelgeuse had a yellowish hue around two millennia ago.

China launches 2 orbital missions in less than 2 hours (videos)

6 September, 2022 - 21:33
The spaceflight doubleheader involved a Kuaizhou-1A solid rocket and a Long March 2D, which launched from different spaceports 115 minutes apart late Monday and early Tuesday (Sept. 5 and Sept. 6).

Odd aurora-like STEVE phenomenon captured by Michigan-based photographer

6 September, 2022 - 21:00
A Michigan-based aurora chaser got an unexpected treat last night when an aurora-like ribbon of glowing stripes paraded just above his head.

Pearl Jam's 'Gigaton' boldly goes to the Red Planet, has 'Apollo' exclusive on SiriusXM

6 September, 2022 - 20:39
Pearl Jam's new record, 'Gigaton,' moves listeners beyond Earthly bounds to reflect on our changing planet.

James Webb Space Telescope snaps mind-boggling image of Tarantula Nebula

6 September, 2022 - 19:30
The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed new details of stellar nursery 30 Doradus, known as the Tarantula Nebula.

Catch Mars near the bright star Aldebaran Tuesday night (Sept. 6)

6 September, 2022 - 19:00
Mars appears closest to the bright star Aldebaran of the Taurus constellation Tuesday (Sept. 6). The pair will be visible high in the south before sunrise.

In Trouble on the Moon? A 911 Call for a Search and Rescue Organization

6 September, 2022 - 18:30
Given all of the planned international lunar activity, emergencies could happen that will call for the unconstrained mobilization of all possible aids.

Earth's perilous journey through the Milky Way's spiral may shape the planet's geology

6 September, 2022 - 18:00
As Earth passes through the primary spiral arms of the Milky Way, thick interstellar clouds may hammer the planet with comets that have helped create the continental crust.

Lego Lunar Research Base review

6 September, 2022 - 17:52
Take a giant leap for mankind with the Lego Lunar Research Base.

Save $300 on the Panasonic Lumix S5 camera

6 September, 2022 - 17:35
snap up this bargain and get $300 off a powerful camera that excels in both photo and video shooting.

Diamond rains could fall through the interior of ice giant planets

5 September, 2022 - 20:00
The interiors of the solar system's ice giants, Neptune and Uranus, could experience an exotic form of precipitation, and these 'diamond rains' could be more common than previously thought.

ESA’s Solar orbiter just got smacked by a coronal mass ejection

5 September, 2022 - 19:46
The sun-exploring Solar Orbiter spacecraft came face to face with a massive eruption of plasma from the sun, just ahead of a pivotal flyby of Venus.

Astronauts' blood shows signs of DNA mutations due to spaceflight

5 September, 2022 - 19:00
The researchers stored astronaut blood for 20 years to see how short space shuttle flights affected spaceflyer health.