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Updated: 9 hours 40 min ago

The Hole in Earth's Ozone Layer Is Healing, First-of-Its-Kind Study Shows

8 January, 2018 - 09:53
Efforts to heal the hole in Earth's ozone layer over Antarctica appear to be paying off, according to a first-of-its-kind study that looked directly at ozone-destroying chemicals in the atmosphere.

How the US Navy Is Turning Sci-Fi Warfare into Reality

8 January, 2018 - 09:51
In the past 100 years, humanity went from fantasizing about ray guns to actually seeing some go "pew pew" for real. Here are four former sci-fi technologies the U.S. Navy is putting into action today.

Strange Dimming Star May Be Scarfing Down Wrecked Planets

8 January, 2018 - 09:47
Vast orbiting clouds of planetary wreckage could cause a distant young star's strange dimming behavior, a new study shows.

John Young: The Prolific Astronaut

7 January, 2018 - 17:30
Astronaut John Young, the ninth man to walk on the moon, flew on three NASA programs: Gemini, Apollo and the space shuttle.

ExoMars Rover Will Drill Deep Into Mars to Search for Life (Op-Ed)

7 January, 2018 - 14:30
Finding past or present microbial life on Mars would without doubt be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. And in just two years’ time, there’s a big opportunity to do so, with two rovers launching there to look for signs of life.

SpaceX Launches Secret Zuma Mission for US Government, Lands Rocket

7 January, 2018 - 14:19
SpaceX lofted the super-secret Zuma spacecraft for the U.S. government tonight (Jan. 8), successfully executing a mission that also featured yet another landing by the first stage of the company's Falcon 9 rocket.

'Super Bowl of Astronomy' Attracts a Galaxy of Space Scientists (and Others)

7 January, 2018 - 14:18
Astronomers, astrophysicists and other space scientists from around the U.S. are gathering in Washington, D.C., this week for the 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

SpaceX to Launch Mysterious Zuma Spacecraft Tonight: Watch It Live

7 January, 2018 - 13:30
SpaceX plans to launch the secret Zuma payload for the U.S. government this evening (Jan. 7), after a nearly two-month delay.

Sierra Nevada Clears Dream Chaser Space Plane Test Milestone

6 January, 2018 - 14:17
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced Jan. 5 that NASA has confirmed that the company’s Dream Chaser vehicle passed a key milestone during its November free flight test.

New Method Aids Search for Dazzling Alien Worlds

6 January, 2018 - 13:46
Massive gas giants shine brightly in the light reflected from their parent star. Now, astronomers are using this glow as a new way to hunt for hidden worlds.

Solving Earth's Climate Challenges Require More Satellite Vision: Report

6 January, 2018 - 13:44
Space observations are crucial to solving the challenges presented by Earth's complex climate, which will play a pivotal role in humanity's success or demise, argued an extensive report by the U.S. National Academies.

John Young in Photos: Astronaut, Moonwalker and Space Shuttle Pioneer

6 January, 2018 - 07:51
Astronaut John Young, a veteran of six space missions, died Jan. 5, 2018 due to complications with pneumonia. See his storied career, which took Young to the moon and back, then on NASA shuttles, in photos here.

Astronaut John Young, Who Walked on the Moon and Led 1st Shuttle Mission, Dies at 87

6 January, 2018 - 07:07
John Young, NASA's longest-serving astronaut, who walked on the moon and flew on the first Gemini and space shuttle missions, has died. He was 87.

SpaceX Targeting Late January for Falcon Heavy Debut

5 January, 2018 - 18:59
SpaceX is now planning to attempt the first launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket around the end of this month, the company's chief executive said Jan. 4.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission in Pictures

5 January, 2018 - 17:57
See images of NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission, which the agency plans to launch in July 2018. The spacecraft will get seven times closer to the sun than any probe ever has.

Nitrogen Tug-of-War Reveals Earth's Biogeochemistry

5 January, 2018 - 17:55
A new study comparing the abundance of nitrogen molecules in Earth's atmosphere and on the ground could one day help researchers find signs of biology on other planets.

See Mars, Jupiter Get Together Before Dawn This Month

5 January, 2018 - 13:20
If you manage to get out of bed before sunrise in early January, a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will greet you in the predawn sky.

NASA Goes for 'GOLD' to Scan the Border of Earth and Space

5 January, 2018 - 13:19
A new NASA mission, the first to hitch a ride on a commercial communications satellite, will examine Earth's upper atmosphere to see how the boundary between Earth and space changes over time.

New Tech Could Help Astronomers See Planets Around Alpha Centauri

5 January, 2018 - 13:12
Technology in development could capture images from an Earth-size planet in the nearby Alpha Centauri system in the 2020s, new research suggests.

New Horizons' Epic Second Flyby Is Less Than a Year Away

5 January, 2018 - 13:12
New Horizons, which famously zoomed past Pluto in July 2015, is set to cruise by a small object called 2014 MU69 in the wee hours of Jan. 1, 2019.