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Updated: 3 hours 22 min ago

SpaceX could get license for 2nd Starship launch in October, FAA says

14 September, 2023 - 23:00
SpaceX may get approval for its second-ever Starship launch sometime next month, according to an official with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Stunning James Webb Space Telescope image shows young star blasting supersonic jets

14 September, 2023 - 22:30
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured stunning jets blasting out of a protostar, shedding light on the makeup of very young, sun-like stars.

Our universe holds more 'spectacular' polar ring galaxies than once thought, scientists say

14 September, 2023 - 22:00
Two previously discovered galaxies have been hiding strange perpendicular rings of stars and gas. These so-called polar ring galaxies may prove to be less rare in the universe than once thought.

Where to stand in Texas to see two solar eclipses in under six months

14 September, 2023 - 21:16
A small area of Texas will witness October's annular solar eclipse and April's total solar eclipse. Here's where you should stand to see them in all their glory.

Space is 'more contested' than ever by world's militaries, US Space Force chief says

14 September, 2023 - 20:00
The Chief of Space Operations for the U.S. Space Force gave an ominous warning about how contested space is becoming as world superpowers continue to militarize Earth orbit.

SpaceX poised to launch 22 Starlink satellites late on Sept. 15

14 September, 2023 - 19:31
SpaceX plans to launch 22 more of its Starlink internet satellites late on Friday night (Sept. 15).

Hubble Space Telescope discovers 11-billion-year-old galaxy hidden in a quasar's glare

14 September, 2023 - 19:00
Astronomers have detected an 11-billion-year-old galaxy using the light it absorbs rather than the light it emits. This technique was necessary because the galaxy is being outshone by a nearby quasar.

A 'Planet Nine' far from Earth could explain the odd behavior of icy bodies beyond Neptune

14 September, 2023 - 18:30
As the search for "Planet Nine" in the outer solar system continues, new research suggests there may be an Earth twin buried deep within the frozen waste of the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune.

Humanity's current space behavior 'unsustainable,' European Space Agency report warns

14 September, 2023 - 18:00
Greater efforts are needed to make valuable orbits sustainable, according to a new report from the European Space Agency.

Virgin Galactic to launch next space tourist mission on Oct. 5

14 September, 2023 - 17:34
Virgin Galactic plans to launch 'Galactic 04,' its fifth spaceflight in the last five months, on Oct. 5 from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

'It's been an incredible challenge:' NASA astronaut tells all on setting new record for longest US spaceflight (video)

14 September, 2023 - 00:00
NASA astronaut Frank Rubio spoke from the International Space Station about how it felt to surpass the previous U.S. single mission spaceflight record of 355 days.

Scientists may finally know why the sun's outer atmosphere is so freakishly hot

13 September, 2023 - 23:00
Our host star's corona is hotter than its 'surface.' It's unclear as to why.

James Webb Space Telescope watches seasons change on Saturn (video)

13 September, 2023 - 22:30
Using the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers have observed the changing of seasons on Saturn. The ringed planet's northern summer is cooling as a 7.5-year-long autumn approaches.

Einstein cross! Gravitationally lensed 'flower' spotted in deep space (photo)

13 September, 2023 - 22:00
A new image from the European Southern Observatory captures a cosmic wildflower in space.

Vladimir Putin meets North Korea's Kim Jong-un at Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome spaceport for 5-hour summit

13 September, 2023 - 21:42
Vladimir Putin met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a Russian spaceport on Wednesday (Sept. 13), likely discussing a range of possibilities for space-related cooperation.

'I am horrified': Archaeologists are fuming over ancient human relative remains sent to edge of space

13 September, 2023 - 21:00
Scientists are calling the Virgin Galactic mission that carried the bones of Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi to the edge of space a major ethical breach.

Devastation wrought by Medicane Daniel revealed in satellite photos

13 September, 2023 - 20:30
Satellite images reveal the scale of destruction wrought by medicane Daniel on Libya, where temporary lakes and river systems sprang up across the desert landscape.

7 places in the US Southwest to see rare 'edge effects' during annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14

13 September, 2023 - 20:00
Where and when to see rare edge effects like Baily's beads during the annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023.

Axiom Space names Ax-3 astronaut crew for SpaceX mission to ISS

13 September, 2023 - 20:00
Former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría will once again head an Axiom Space mission on Ax-3. Joining him is a Swedish European Space Agency reserve astronaut, an Italian Virgin Galactic astronaut and Turkey's first citizen in space.

China sends record-setting Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft to fiery death (video)

13 September, 2023 - 19:00
Tianzhou 5, which docked with China's Tiangong space station just two hours after launching last November, has completed its orbital tasks and met its fiery fate.