Head in the wind - both feet on the ground
Dynamism, inventiveness, rapid progress and a no-nonsense attitude are the hallmark of the Allseas Group. The company, founded in 1985 and headed by Edward Heerema, operates a versatile fleet of specialised heavy-lift, pipelay and subsea installation vessel designed and developed in-house.

In the market for installation of subsea oil and gas pipelines, our pipelaying vessel Lorelay  is world renowned, while Solitaire is the largest and most advanced pipelay vessel in the world. The pipelay vessel Tog Mor  is designed to work in shallow water. Audacia  is our most recent pipe laying vessel. All vessels work with the automatic welding system designed by Allseas, Phoenix,  and are supported by Calamity Jane, which trenches pipelines and performs underwater installation work.

Pioneering Spirit  is the largest offshore construction vessel in the world, intended for the installation and removal of topsides and jackets of large offshore oil and gas platforms in one piece. In August 2016 she removed the 13,500 t Yme platform in the North Sea, setting a new world record for a single lift with her first commercial contract. The vessel is also equipped for the laying of large pipelines.

Our reputation as a world leader in the market is lived up to every day, both at sea and on land, by more than 3000 people. Their initiative, judgment and decisiveness showcase worldwide their expertise and dedication to their profession.
To maintain our reputation, we are constantly trying to push the limits of existing technology. A technical breakthrough can only be achieved when our people dare to push aside contemporary applications and use the impossible as a starting point.
Therefore, we are looking for motivated hands-on HTS / TU students with an affinity for the offshore industry. Allseas offers excellent training and career opportunities. In a stimulating environment, be in charge of your own career.

Further information
For further information, please contact Recruitment at Allseas Engineering bv: +31 15 2681800. Candidates fulfilling the requirements may submit their application online at www.allseas.com.

Sarah de Smet R&D Engineer / Field Engineer For an Aerospace Engineer, Allseas might not seem the most obvious choice but it is definitely one worth considering. At the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Delft, you enjoy a versatile education with a lot more to offer than just airplanes and spacecraft. After working in the aerospace industry for a while, I decided to try something new. The offshore industry appealed to me because of its fascinating and international character. After a number of job interviews, I felt Allseas could offer me the most challenging working environment and I accepted a position as R&D Engineer within the young and dynamic Innovations Department. At present, I combine my job as R&D Engineer in the office in Delft with a job as Field Engineer on board one of Allseas' vessels. In the office, I prepare new projects, starting with the proposal for a potential client up to the preparation of project execution procedures. Working for the Innovations Department also means that I am involved in the design and improvement of the vessels and their equipment. A few times a year, I travel around the world to work as a Field Engineer on board Calamity Jane, a vessel providing a variety of pipelay support services. As a Field Engineer, I am the link between the engineering office in the Netherlands and the vessel; a very demanding but exciting position right in the middle of the action. Allseas does not impose a predefined career path or a management trainee program. Instead, employees are encouraged to define their own path within the company after they have acquired enough experience within one of the engineering departments. Depending on his or her capabilities, a young engineer is given a lot of responsibility in challenging projects, allowing them to develop themselves quickly.