Integration Committee

The InterCom, or Integration Committee, aims to bring all students together and by means of that, increase diversity in socials groups. A wide variety of students with different nationalities are part of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, and our goal is to bridge the gap between students and provide members the opportunity to familiarise themselves more in depth with each other’s diverse backgrounds. The activities that are organised by this committee are mainly geared towards bachelor students. For example, an international PubQuiz, or the well-known international food night in which food from all over the world is presented and can be tasted. Overall, these events are highly attended and really fulfil the goals of the committee: bringing new people together or mixing existing groups!
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Quinten van Woerkom - Qualitate Qua
Vishwajeetsinh Jadhavrao - Chairman
Lauranne Plessers - Secretary
Javier Alonso Garcia - Treasurer
Megha Dinesh - Commissioner of Logistics
Leila Azaiez - Commissioner of Promotion
Kamalesh Sriram Ganapathy - Commissioner of Inventory
Antra Johary - Ticketfeut
Timo Esser - Ticketfeut
Cindy Su Chen - Ticketfeut
Sophia Loogman - Ticketfeut
Nachiket Dighe - Ticketfeut
Torben Aalbers - Ticketfeut
Dimitrios Bosch - Ticketfeut



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