Da Vinci Satellite

To celebrate the 75th birthday of the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci', a CubeSat will be launched into Space. The CubeCie will make sure the CubeSat is designed and built by students. The CubeSat will contain an educational module which can be used by primary schools and high schools. During class they will communicate with the satellite, where the students will learn everything about Space and satellites. Find out more on www.davincisatellite.nl.
Do you want to contact us? Email to: cubesat-vsv@tudelft.nl
Deborah Cardoso - Chief ER
Dominique Nieuwenhuizen - Team Manager
Michael Boutros - Technical Manager
Yvar Vliex - Technical Manager
Floor Bagchus - Education Manager
Timo Burggraaf - PR Manager
Jasmijn Tromp - Secretary & Qualitate Qua
Aurora Nieuwenhuis - Chief Finance
Kamalesh Sriram Ganapathy - Treasurer



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