Everybody knows this feeling: waking up after an epic VSV party and you can’t remember what you did last night. The best solution to solve this problem is the FiFoCo: the film and photo committee of the VSV. Our mission is to make you remember everything you did.
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Emma Janssen - Chair
Mariëtte de Groot - Qualitate Qua
Julia van Berkom - Photographer
Aida van de Wetering - Photographer
Archisman Acharya - Photographer
Aster Merel A. Tournoy - Photographer
Calvin Grootenboer - Photographer
Kristina Vukosavljevic - Photographer
Mathis Simoens - Photographer
Sven Palac - Photographer
The Minh Trinh - Photographer



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