Leonardo Times Redactie

The Leonardo Times is a magazine published by the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci' four times a year, produced entirely by an editorial staff made up from a group of enthousiastic students. The result of their work is a most professional magazine, containing scientific articles on all latest developments within our faculty, but also various interviews, activities of the society, and updates on the aerospace industry. Having been in existance for 20 years, the Leonardo Times is now spread amongst students, alumni, and various companies, arising to a total of 4000 copies per edition.
Do you want to contact us? Email to: leotimes-vsv@student.tudelft.nl
Leonardo Times
Danny Tjokrosetio - Editor
Muhammad Arham Elahi - Final Editor
Ruth Euniki Vraka - Editor-in-Chief
Lisanne Vermaas - Managing Editor
Wouter Offringa - Qualitate Qua
Shadab Eftekhar - Editor
Tuomas Simula - Editor
Miguel Castro - Editor
Louis Taillandier - Editor
Juan Ávila - Editor
Chaitanya Dongre - Editor
Topias Pulkkinen - Editor
Naomi Lijesen - Editor
James Perry - Editor
Marcos Alexandre Talocchi Barbosa - Editor
Gerard Mendoza Ferrandis - Editor



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