Each year the society of Aerospace students the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, of the of the Delft Univeristy of Technology, organizes a study tour taking students to countries around the world. During the study tour a wide range of company and institute visits are organized, allowing the students to familiarize themselves with the local aerospace industry and technology. Along with the company visits, cultural activities will enhance the participant’s study tour experience. The tour aims at contributing to the globalization that is ever more present in the aerospace industry. To achieve this, participants are given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with foreign companies, to meet aerospace students from across the world, and to familiarize themselves with different cultural settings.
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Jim Ruysenaars - Chair
Jelle Kok - Secretary
Bart Meenderman - Treasurer
Maxim Kokorev - Commissioner of Logistics
Wouter Cijsouw - Commissioner of Logistics
Wouter Offringa - Commissioner of Countries
Justin Post - Commissioner of Countries
Jens Bremer - Qualitate Qua



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