If your hearts skips a beat when you see an aircraft flying overhead, the Aviation Department (LVD) certainly has a lot to offer you within the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. The main goal of the LVD is to organise lectures, excursions and other activities that are all related to aviation. Every study period the LVD aims to organise a lecture held by someone can tell students and employees something new and exciting in the field of aviation. Think about for example an Airbus employee who focuses on structural certification, or an F35 test engineer. Apart from these lectures the LVD also organises excursions to different aeronautical companies and events, such as the Belgian Air Force Days or the LVNL, the Dutch Air Traffic Control. Students can take a look behind the scenes of different companies, to get a great idea of all the opportunities that there are in aviation. A major Multiple Day Excursion, the MDE, is organised every year at the start of the summer, in July. In a trip that lasts one whole week about 20 students travel to a country within Europe to visit different companies that play an important role in the aviation industry. These visits can vary from getting a tour at Airbus in France, to visiting Lockheed Martin in the UK. Just like the Space Department, the LVD organizes a symposium every two years.
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Max van Hugten - Chairman
Jelle Kok - Secretary
Rasa Vaznelyte - Commissioner of Lectures
Victor Petit - Commissioner of Excursions
Bob Beekman - Commissioner of MDE
Wouter Boullart - Commissioner of MDE
Mariëtte de Groot - Qualitate Qua



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