What is an eskimo without igloo, a monkey without a banana, a lumberjack without an ax, a train without rails, a plane without wings? What is the VSV without the Barco? Without the Barco, beer would not be served on drinks. There would be no atmosphere at all. That is why the Barco is the most important committee of the VSV! This year, eighteen freshmen are waiting for you to meet your life needs. They will be there at every party & drink.
Aaron Bracke -
Jens Bremer -
Joep Stuyfzand -
Jozef McGowan -
Julian Rothenbuchner -
Katinka Kok -
Mannes van de Winkel -
Matteo Frinking -
Max van Hugten -
Per van Wolfswinkel -
Ray Matthew Leal -
Ryan Leal -
Silvano Tromp -
Tiia Tikkala -
Tim Honing -
Timo Burggraaf -
Wouter Offringa -
Mitchell de Keijzer - Qualitate Qua



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