The ‘Eerste Jaars Weekend Commissie’ or EJW’cie is, without a doubt, the best committee to be a part of. It also the committee that is in charge of organizing the VSV’s Freshmen Weekend. This weekend is held annually in August and this is the first opportunity for freshmen to get to know each other and the VSV. The freshmen weekend is without a doubt the best event to start off your time as an Aerospace student! Starting 18th of August, students will go on a 3-day trip to a secret location. During this weekend first year Aerospace students will have a chance to make new friends and get to know the VSV and what variety of committees and activities it has to offer. The program of the weekend consists of an incredible airshow, multiple parties with live bands and artists, a sports day and much more. Also a beercantus will take place during the weekend. Organizing the freshmen Weekend would not be possible without the numerous volunteers. Every year the committee is looking for mentors, chefs, and other volunteers to make the freshmen weekend the experience of a lifetime. No matter what you do, the freshmen weekend is something which you certainly can not miss!
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Max Minnema - Chairman
Sven Kramer - Secretary
Aman Singhvi - Treasurer
Ties Hollander - Commissioner of Logistics
Bram Buijvoets - Commissioner of Program
Alune Greeve - Commissioner of Inventory
Freek Kunz - Commissioner of Acquisition
Tessa Mennink - Qualitate Qua



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