Brake Commissie

The Brake is a magazine, made by the first year committee the 'BrakeCie'. Every year the committee members will dedicate their time to make a magazine all by themselves. The articles as well as the lay-out are all made by the BrakeCie themselves. The Brake is a spectacular magazine, designed to amuse you, the Aerospace student, but also all the employees of the faculty of course. Next to just being read at this faculty, the target audience for the Brake is the whole world! The Brake provides astonishing facts, ruthless interviews, true stories, interesting facts, VSV related articles and is always filled with incredible suprises. You can read the Brake at least four times a year!
Edmundo Sanz-Gadea Lopez - Chairman/Editor
Carmen Immerzeel - Commissioner of Layout
David de Jong - QQ
Nick Pauly - Chairman/Editor
Jillian Oduber - Editor/Secretary



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