Do you think it’s important that all the students get the best education possible? With the VSV you can help making this true. The B1 is a quality control group that consist of 10 students. They gather twice per quarter to analyse and discuss all courses with the lecturers. In these sessions important feedback from the students in passed on to the lecturers, the faculty takes the feedback from the B1 very seriously. Is there something wrong with a course or an exam? Is there not enough practice material, chaotic use of blackboard or anything else? Head over to the B1 to discuss this valuable feedback, the students will pass it on to the lecturers and faculty Quality Control Manager.
Rik de Groot -
Lynn Vorgers - Qualitate Qua
Anton Kasmyliou -
Joe Holmes -
Justas Kramer -
Tom den Hollander -
Diogo Ying -
Giovanni Zattoni -
Luuk Valkering -
Emmanuel Kurek-Chomycz -



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