The B2-committee consists of ten students who check the quality of the second year courses. Are there any things wrong with a course, with an exam, is there not enough practice material, a chaotic layout on Blackboard, or whatever, head over to the B2 with your valuable feedback. The B2 gathers twice every quarter, consisting once of a session together with the teachers responsible for the second year courses given at that moment. In these sessions important feedback from the students is passed on to the teachers, as well as people higher up, and the faculty takes the feedback from the B2 very seriously. So, if you have any comments, recommendations, feedback, or any good complaints, talk to the B2-committee members, as you will be listened to.
Mariska Marree -
Justin Hu -
Ioana Raducanu -
Gijs Lagerweij -
Diede van Rheede -
Carolina Silvestre -
Carolina Castro -
Caitlin Cook -
Alex Nedelcu -
Alexander Entchev -
Leonardo Andres Peralta Tapia -
Lionel Yerbanga -
Nora van den Heuvel - Qualitate Qua
Vincent Bull -
Tiago Coelho -
Simonas Strasunskas -
Pepijn Jeukens -
Merel Luijpen -
Martijn Ronk -
Maria Kars -



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