For all your remarks, comments, compliments and recommendations for the third year courses: the B3. Everybody can complain, but if you would like something to be done with criticism then you should go to the B3. They meet once per quarter to discuss the third year courses. The conclusions drawn from this meeting will then be discussed with the teachers concerned. So the B3 has direct influence on the quality of the curriculum.
Nora van den Heuvel - Qualitate Qua
Ana Maria Mekerishvili -
Anne Wielens -
Archisman Acharya -
Aryan Nokhai -
Daan Schramade -
Kristina Vukosavljevic -
Lars van der Zwan -
Lennart van der Peet -
Lucille Guda -
Vishwajeetsinh Jadhavrao -
Varun Gottumukkala -
Twan Wuite -
Nachiket Dighe -
Muneeb Ur Rahman Syed -
Muhammad Arham Elahi -
Mathis Simoens -



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