Master Department 'Apollo'

For students in the last phase of their studies there is the Master Department ‘Apollo’. Focussing on master students ‘Apollo’ organises activities to help them orientate on their future careers. These activities include lunch lectures (with lunch), in-house days and application trainings. Furthermore Apollo organises the Case Tour and Business Tour every other year. As aerospace students are sought after in almost all sectors ‘Apollo’ not only organises aerospace related activities, but also activities related to for example offshore and consultancy. So if you are a master (or late bachelor) student and you want to orientate on your career, make sure to come to our activities! Follow the VSV instagram to stay up-to-date of our events.
Do you want to contact us? Email to:
Elisa Lazzaroli -
Tim Honing - Qualitate Qua
Helena Powis - Chair
Archisman Acharya - Secretary
Joris Lans - Commissioner of Promotion
Laura Hoitingh -
Marieke Breddels - Qualitate Qua



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