Solving complex flow and mechanical problems for the Oil & Gas industry

Since 1983, Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) delivers engineering consulting services across all aspects of the design and analysis for the Oil & Gas industry. Pipelines rarely operate in steady state conditions. When for example pressure surges or acoustic waves are either anticipated (at the design stage) or experienced (during operation), it is crucial to understand what is causing these events together with their frequency and magnitude. DRG is able to deliver the full range of engineering services for design and root cause analysis of onshore and offshore installation. We combine expertise in fluid flow behavior and dynamic oscillations, with sophisticated analysis software to predict the performance of pipelines and equipment. Consequently our clients are able to construct piping systems that can either withstand or avoid excessive loading conditions and pressure transients.

During the presentation, two of our employees Jan Willem Wiegman and Frank Bos will describe their activities and experience as engineers at Dynaflow Research Group, including several projects they performed. Jan Willem, senior engineer at DRG, is former student of Applied Physics. As an engineer at DRG Jan Willem has been involved in various consulting projects to solve fluid flow and structural mechanics problems.

Frank Bos obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and is currently a project engineer at DRG.

For more information:

  1.       http://www.dynaflow.com/
  2.       https://www.youtube.com/user/DynaflowNL
  3.       https://www.facebook.com/dynaflowresearchgroup
  4.       https://twitter.com/DynaflowRG
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