July 2020


Deadline Aerospace Community Artpiece


Dear students,

To commemorate the current, unique, academic year, the VSV is planning to offer a memorial gift to the faculty in honor of her 15th lustrum. Considering the current situation, we have decided to try and add a personal touch of the aerospace community to the keepsake. Especially now that in-person education and interaction is limited, we want to display the human side of the aerospace community who is going through this. For this we want to include everyone in the faculty.

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[online] GKN Fokker case competition

MD Apollo

The case competition is a challenge in partnership with GKN Fokker, where two cases have to be solved in a limited timeframe. In teams of 3-4 persons, you’ll compete with other groups in order to solve the two cases at hand the best. In order to gain a better understanding of the daily work that takes place at Fokker as two different departments present a case in this challenge. The group that performs best will win a sweet prize. Sign-up here can be done as a team or on individual basis.

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