Since many Aerospace students have some interest in motorsports due to the high-end aerodynamics, lightweight vehicles and high-speed thrills we have decided to organise the VSV Racing Experience. 

During this event, there will be a lecture in which a racing driver will teach you how to tackle corners and be the fastest on the racing track. After this, we will watch the Formula 1 Race together and learn from the pros. The highlight of this event will be a 2-hour long go-kart endurance race between teams of participants to hone your skills and prove you're the best. Finally, the event will be concluded with a racing-themed pub quiz and prize ceremony. 

This event will be hosted on Sunday the 29th of April, at the Go-kart centre in Delft.
The participation fee is €120 per team of 4 and includes go-kart training, gear and race and prizes.

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