My name is Tim Honing, and this year I am the commissioner of external affairs of the 79th board of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. As commissioner of External Affairs I am responsible for the contacts within the industry. During the year I visit most of these companies to discuss possible cooperation with the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’.

I have been a active member at the VSV for several years already. As a freshman I joined the barcommitee. In my second year I joined the AkCie, where me and my committee members organised multiple amazing activities. In my third year as a student at the faculty of aerospace engineering I was part of the Management of 'de Atmosfeer', where I was the chairman.

In my fourth year, I was in the Aviation Department where I was responsible for the organisation of the 2023 Aviation Symposium: Fuelling the Future.

This year, I will be in the yearbouck committee as quality control. Next to that I am in the Master Department Apollo, which is in charge of all the career events at our faculty. Lastly, I am also the president of the Delft Career Platform, which is a vacancy platform for students from Delft.