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10 November 2000
Lt.Gen. rtd. B.A.C. Droste is previous dean of the AE faculty, as well as former Commander of the Dutch Royal Airforce. Till 2009 he was chairman of the NIVR, nowadays he spends his time with Space Expedition Curacao, pioneering in commercial Spaceflight. Droste has many connections in the aerospace world with which he gladly helps the VSV. Four years ago, the VSV has received one spaceticket with XCOR from KLM. After an essay competition, Nout van Zon has won this ticket and he will be the first astronaut of the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'. Mr. Droste helps the VSV in many ways, for example with Airshows and symposia. Last year he organised the lecture from the American astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria.