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17 April 2012 Jacco Hoekstra received his MSc. degree, as well as a private pilot’s license, from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineer­ing of the Delft University of Technology. He specialised and graduated in the area of Con­trol & Simulation. After a brief excursion to the Informatics & Telecommunications business, Jacco Hoekstra joined NLR in 1991 to start working at the Flight Simulation and Handling Qualities department to conduct a wide variety of flight simulation experiments, both civil and military. He moved to the Human Factors department, where he worked on Human Machine Interfaces and Air Traffic Management. His research for his PhD consisted of investigating the safety and feasibility of airborne separation assurance in a large project for NASA, a concept which became known as ‘Free Flight’. He obtained a doctoral degree from the faculty Technology, Policy and Management, working in the Safety Science group. Subsequently, he became head of the Civil Human Factors group, the Training & Concept validation Department, the Human Factors & Flight Simulation department and the Air transport Division, one of the three divisions of NLR, where 140 researchers work on air trans­port research in 5 departments. In this function he was also part of the management team of NLR. In 2007, professor Hoekstra has been appoint­ed as the Dean of the Aerospace faculty of the Delft University of Technology. This high-ranked faculty is the largest aerospace engi­neering faculty of the western world. It has a high number of full professors on many areas and unique research facilities, such as wind tunnels, aircraft, flight simulators and many laboratories. As Dean of our faculty professor Hoekstra has been invaluable for the VSV. He gave his permission for the faculty party Airbase and has been of great help with other activities as well. Since April 2013 prof. Hoekstra is Professor Navigation, Communication, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Professor Hoekstra was installed as honorary member on April 17 2012 during the BALV in the City Hall of Delft.