Emerging Tech and the bull case for the decentralized economy: gaming out the future of digital assets

Igor Mikhalev, Partner, Head of Emerging Technologies – Amsterdam, will give a lecture for EY-Parthenon.

At EY-Parthenon, 9000+ multidisciplinary professionals in teams across 120 countries help provide EY clients with corporate, transaction and turnaround strategies that are actionable, impactful and provide long-term growth.

Whether it’s digital transformation, sector convergence and dislocation, or financial and operational complexities, EY-Parthenon teams bring data analytics, leading technology and digital capabilities to a CEOs toughest strategic issues. In doing so, EY-Parthenon teams can move quickly from idea to implementation to help clients realize their strategy with speed and certainty; we call this Strategy Realized.

We would like to invite anyone with an interest in Emerging Tech and/or (Strategy) Consulting to step into our world during this lunch lecture!

  • Emerging technologies and the digital strategy
  • The state of the crypto and digital asset industry
  • Definition and analysis of Tech, Legal, Government, and Financial trends in Crypto and Digital assets
  • Plausible scenarios and how to respond
  • Decentralized business models that already outperform conventional
  • What we can learn from the bear market


Igor Mikhalev is a Partner in Emerging Technologies Strategy at EY-Parthenon, helping clients develop novel decentralized business models and business ecosystems with blockchain technologies and digital currencies.

Igor is collaborating with academia (UvA, MIT) on research projects focused on CBDCs and the macroeconomic impact of the introduction of digital currencies.

Igor is also the creator of multiple impactful open source web3 protocols and applications, such as https://cbdctracker.org/, https://blueshift.fi/

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