Every year, ADD organizes events to explore diversity among the aerospace industry, and inspire people to become more inclusive. Last December, the Aerospace Diversity Day took place with the theme “Belonging as a Basis” where many speakers shared their experience and ideas on the topic. Now, ADD Networking Drink (AND) will expand on this past event by bringing companies from the field together with you!

This year AND will take place on 12th of May 2022 at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty. The evening of the drinks will start at 18:00 with speed-dating between students and companies. This way, you as participants will have the opportunity to talk more about the diversity and inclusion within the companies they are curious about. The evening will continue with dinner, and end with drinks where all the participants celebrate the diversity in aerospace all together.

Come and join AND for a chance to introduce yourself to the industry and see if you can belong to their diverse environment!

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