Dynaflow Research Group is a worldwide well-respected engineering consulting firm focusing on Advanced Solutions in Engineering for complex issues. We offer a unique combination of deep understanding of physics, engineering and software to develop sustainable solutions for our clients and society. DRG provides services in all aspects of design and analysis of industrial systems, often employing advanced computing techniques like FEA and CFD. We are specialized in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. By combining our expertise in fluid flow behavior, dynamic oscillations, FEA and CFD analysis, we solve the most technically challenging problems for our clients. Since none of our projects are the same, each project requires an open and intelligent mind. Engineers at DRG are challenged by a wide variety of technical issues in an international marketplace. With an average project duration of several months our engineers stay challenged on a daily basis. Our work typically involves a multi-disciplinary approach, a mix of theoretical and numerical analysis, creative thinking and pragmatic solutions. This effective formula has made us a respected partner of the leading engineering companies around the world.


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