Interested in Trading? Challenge yourself with interactive cases by joining this IMC online inhouseday!

During the IMC E-house day we will organize presentations, a live Q&A and real-time Trading experience.

In the course of the presentations we will give you more information about Trading and Technology at IMC. Then in the online trading game, you are trying to outsmart all participants by being the best market maker. You will get to understand all about market making dynamics, auction rules and continuous trading, while managing inventory risk to minimize variance. In short, this event covers all aspects of what it takes to become a solid player in financial markets. Lastly we will organize a live Q&A session with the Managing Director of the Amsterdam office. You’ll have a chance to ask all your questions about our business, life at IMC and more. We hope you’re as excited to meet us as we are to meet you!

Apply for this inhouseday by sending in your CV to 

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