During this lunch GMA, we will vote on the proposed changed articles of association and internal rules and regulations of our association. Unfortunately, these are both legal documents in Dutch, but the proposed changes are summarized below. In case of any remaining questions, or if you desire a more thorough explanation in English, you can always approach the current secretary of the VSV, Quinten van Woerkom, by sending an email to vsv@tudelft.nl or calling +31 (0)15 27 85366.

For the articles of association, the proposal includes:

  • Modernisation of the requirements for the board meeting and the GMA to be allowed to take place digitally outside of the currently enacted COVID-19 emergency law.
  • Updates to the requirements for members to be allowed to be deregistered by the board to better facilitate deregistration of graduated students.
  • The voting system is defined less ambiguously.
  • The division of the society in board years, academic years, and financial years has been clarified.


The references in the internal rules and regulations to the articles of association must also be changed to reflect this proposed change. Beyond these updated references, the following changes to the internal rules and regulations are proposed:

  • A reordering of articles to be more easily understandable.
  • Correction of several grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Removal of a reference to Lambach Aircraft and the "Stichting Carel Koning fonds van de VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'", which are no longer formally part of the VSV 'Leonardo da Vinci'.
  • The formal power for appointing and discharging members of the senate now lies with the GMA.
  • Senators no longer studying AE at TU Delft are now formally allowed to be a senator, but have no vote in GMAs.
  • Clarification of several ambiguous definitions to the currently used definitions, without change in meaning.
  • Update of the functions of the board to reflect the new constitution of the board since the last two years.
  • Clarification of the type of year used when board years, academic years, or financial years are referenced.
  • Removal of outdated references to the "propedeusefase", which is now better described as "having obtained 60 ECTS".
  • Lengthening of the period within which the board must first present their policy from seven to twelve weeks, to allow the first GMA after the new board to take place after the first exam period.
  • Update of the board debt regulations to reflect the currently used definitions, which differ slightly.
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