As part of the Lustrum Week, the Space Department invites you to the Mini-Symposium: 'Living beyond Earth'! Here, with three speakers and a panel, we will explore how humans are currently living in space, and how experts and professionals envision future human presence beyond Earth.

The programme of the event will be as follows:

16:30 - Opening

16:45 - Antonio Fortunato, ESA – LEO Exploration Group - 'Living at the Frontier: from Salyut to the ISS'

17:30 - Dr. James Green, Chief Scientist, NASA - 'The Science of Life Beyond Earth'

18:15 - Break

20:00 - Theresa Lüftinger, Ariel Space Mission - 'The Search for (Habitable) Exoplanets'

20:45 - Panel Discussion - Jeffrey Apeldoorn, Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Yi So-Yeon, Dr. Gustaaf Cornelis, Bérengère Houdou

21:30 - Closing


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[Note: if you are a student, you can get a free ticket in the other ticketlink]

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