Join the Company Experience for a unique online event! You have the opportunity to meet inspiring companies such as: LVNL, ETC, ASML, GKN Fokker, NACO and Flow Traders. For those in Delft lunch and beerpackages are included, for those outside the beerpackage can be picked up at a later date.

Monday August 24 will feature the Aviation day: LVNL presents a challenging case about drones, while ETC is on a quest for new applications for flow forming. Join this day here!

Tuesday August 25 will feature the Engineering day: ASML lets you experience a day in the life of an Applications engineer, while Fokker presents an afternoon regarding the impact of Urban Air Mobility. Join this day here!

Wednesday August 26 will feature the Business day: NACO offers an interactive case about airport planning, while Flow Traders hosts an E-House day to be concluded with their famous pubquiz. Join this day here!

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