With speakers like Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, ESA flight surgeon Maybritt Kuypers, and speakers from next-generation space habitats and vehicles like Starlab and SUSIE, the VSV symposium: "Defying the Dark" will delve into the challenges, opportunities and next steps of engineering for human life in space. How will new technologies face the challenge of human life in the cold vaccuum of space? How do we make sure astronauts to get back safe from the nothingness outside of the atmosphere? What does it take for us to defy the dark? Listen to the speakers and panel discussion, explore the new companies and technologies on the Innovation Floor, or follow one of the workshops to get hands-on experience with the problems of space engineering! 

Tickets for students (from all universities and colleges) are free, and for a small amount you can also take part in the network drink to explore carreer opportunities in the space industry or discuss the topics of the day even further. 

For more information visit our website at: vsv-symposium.com

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