“Growth versus Environment versus Society: Engineering data for societal choices.”


Have you ever had ideas on how to reduce aviation nuisance? Did you ever stumble on a way to fly more with less impact? Good, society needs ideas like yours.

In this workshop, you’ll explore current data of Schiphol airport on operations, noise and emissions in order to come up with solutions that allow the airport to grow and reduce impact on the surrounding communities, nature, and society. In small teams, you’ll work with our specialist aviation consultants to study the problem, brainstorm ideas, do the analysis and present your results.


This workshop will give you a good insight in the current question of balancing the need for aviation with the other needs of society. At the same time, you will get a quick peek into the work of an aerospace engineer as an aviation consultant with To70.


If you want to know more of the work we do, go to https://to70.com/

This workshop is open to all students, 1st year to master, and does not require prior knowledge, it will be held online at 10:00 March 2nd.

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