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24 March 2017
Mr. Groeneveld started his professional aviation career as instructor with the National Dutch Flying School (NLS). Then he was trained, as test- and demonstrator pilot for the Siai Marchetti Aircraft Factory where he served two years before becoming an airline pilot with Transavia. During his flying career (1968-2006) he accumulated 14000 flight hours on 40 different types of aircraft. During his employment with Transavia (1973-2004), he held positions as instructor, examiner, Deputy Head Scheduled Services, Head Flight Safety Department and Vice-President External Affairs. He is the founder and acted 28 years as Chairman of the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA) in order to restore, maintain and operate historical aircraft in the Netherlands. Since it’s founding in 2000 till 2016 he served as Chairman of the Dutch Aviation Group (DAG) creating an important Aviation and Aerospace network for the Netherlands. He serves as Secretary for the André Kuipers Foundation, Chairman of the Da Vinci Committee, Chairman of the Kleijnkoor Foundation and Supervisory Board member of Texel Airport. Anne Cor Groeneveld is the Secretary of the Netherlands Aviation- and Aerospace Fund (NLF) and responsible for the organization of the National Aviation- and Aerospace Awards. He is a shareholder of the JetSupport Group and Chairman of the Board. In 1972 he was honored by the Commander in Chief as ‘Honorary Senior Pilot of the Philippine Air Force’. In 1978 he was appointed ‘Honorary Life member Royal Air Force Association’ and in 2003 Queen Beatrix honored him ‘Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau’ and in 2009 the Queen honored him the ‘Honorary Cross in the House Order of Orange’. In 2016 he received the ‘Honorary Medal of Noordwijk’ and was appointed ‘Honorary Chairman’ of the Dutch Aviation Group. Mr. Groeneveld acted two times as Chairman of the VSV symposium and always advised the VSV when asked for.